Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Vada - Success Story with a fellow blogger's recipe

Plans were on for sunday the 25th Feb. A bunch of us were to get together and watch the Oscars. I opted to get the appetizer. I knew anything fried would go down well, had made onion pakora just the last weekend, so that was out. I remembered seeing this vada recipe and decided to try it. In the meanwhile got a call announcing that the Bollywood Filmfare awards were going to be telecast the same time. I'm a major sucker for anything Bollywoody... After going back and forth a few times, the majority agreed to the Filmfare awards. Yesssss! There is something about these awards which takes you back home. Even after all these years of being out of India, there is not a Bollywood hookup or breakup that I don't keep up with. I loved watching the awards, what with the damsels in body hugging gowns, SRK hosting it and a whole lot of performances. The Bachchan clan was in full force, mama Bachchan praised her wud-be dotr-in-law, a do-not-miss moment, methinks. Have to mention that Sridevi looked amazing, she has really taken care of herself and did a good number on the stage. All in all we had a fun time.
I tried this recipe for Vada from Veggie Platter and they turned out great. Here's the picture. You can access the blog for the recipe -
Suma, Thanks a lot for this tasty recipe.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Birth

Yes I've been spending minutes, make it hours, ok it is days on end admiring all the fascinating articles out there in Blog-O-Land!
I could not restrain from creating one more blog, could I now? You know how it is, admittedly so addictive! Lets hope I'm able to do justice to this baby of mine and come up with some good stuff.