Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vatana Bateta Tameta nu Shaak

There are some simple dishes that one likes to make again and again and never gets tired of them!

Vatana Bateta Tameta nu Shaak is one of them for me. This is a very simple but very like able gravy dish that can be cooked up in 15 minutes from start to finish :) The tanginess from tomatoes, the sweet from jaggery and the spice from red chili powder is tantalising to the tongue & the senses alike :)

This happened sometime back! One of our friends was in the vicinity and they called, when they came over I made use of the usual suspects Peas & Potato to dish up this gravy with puri and put together a light meal. Few days later my friend called me and mentioned how much she and her hubby liked the dish. Now a little background on my friend might help. She is an awesome cook, have learnt a lot from her, in fact she is one of the best cooks I know and anything she makes I gleefully gobble up real quick :) When she asked me for this recipe, I thought she was kidding, I mean this is one of the simple ones. But when she insisted, I gave her the recipe and I decided that I should share this with my dear blog buddies as well and also post it for posterity :)
This is the Gujarati way of making this dish.

Vatana Bateta Tameta nu Shaak (Green Peas, Potato in tomato gravy)

2 big potatoes cubed

1 cup peas ( I use frozen green peas)

1 big tomato finely chopped or pureed

1 tsp ginger paste

1 green chili chopped

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp red chili powder (as per taste)

1 tbsp jaggery

1.5 tbsp coriander powder

2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves

Tadka: 1.5 tbsp oil, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida, few curry leaves


1. Heat oil, add tadka ingredients, splutter.

2. Add cubed potato and peas, stir well.

3. Add turmeric powder, red chili powder, salt, ginger paste & green chili.

4. Add 1 cup water, cover and cook 8-10 minutes till potato is about 3/4 th cooked. If the water dries up, add more water for the gravy texture. In the mean while you can chop/puree tomato.
5. Add tomato, coriander powder, jaggery and salt, mix well.

6. Cover and cook 4-5 minutes till potato is completely cooked.

7. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves.
8. Enjoy with roti/paratha/puri!

NOTES: If the tomato is not sour, squeeze a squirt of lemon juice at the end. Canned tomato gives better color to this dish.


This is my contribution for Nupur's A-Z of Indian Vegetables.


It's summertime and you know what that means! Lots of chilled drinks to keep cool!
Here is a Fruit Punch to keep you cool this summer.
Orange-Raspberry Punch
1 pack Orange-Raspberry sorbet
1 bottle ginger ale ( as per taste)
1 bottle pepsi/coke ( as per taste)
In a decorative punch bowl mix the sorbet, ginger ale and pepsi/coke as per taste! Add ice cubes! Mix well.
Serve in decorative glasses!
Makes a great party drink!

This is my contribution to AFAM-Orange guest hosted by Sharmi.


bee said...

i want to make this tonight. how much vatana and when do you add it?

Laavanya said...

It sounds delicious - I like the Tomato Nu Shaak (sorry abt the spelling) so am sure I will like this. Btw, Vatana is the dried green peas right?

FH said...

Yummy! Sounds almost like Pav bhaji without Pav masala and Pavs! Really great.You are right,simple recipes are the best tasting dishes.I bet this tastes great with Poories.
I loved the beverages with cute little cocktail Umbrellas too.

smdatta said...

You are making me hungry really, I had a really light lunch and this is making my tummy growl

Richa said...

oh my! thanks for reminding me bee, just updated for the peas! forgot in my excitement to post heh!heh! do try it, it's yum! add water as per ur gravy preference, thick or thin!

thanks lavanya! do try it! vatana is green peas, i use frozen green peas! enjoy...

thanks asha! yes tastes yum with poories, do try it! it's too good for it's simplicity :) glad u liked the drink as well :) very quick, just mix heh!heh!

TheCooker said...

Rassa sarkha distay.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

This one looks so simple to make, richa.... Will definitely try it one out! Thanx! :)

Sia said...

15 mins? thats all? then it surelly goes into my must try list:) just had roties and chole and thank god for that! or else u would have definately got tummy pain;) i am still drooling though:)

Shivapriya said...

I make this curry but I use dried peas instead of frozen and minus jaggery.

Tee said...

This looks so delicious! My mom used to make a similar dish with dried green peas and i used to love it!

Sharmi said...

those umbrellas look so cute. such a pretty arrangement. loved the look of that shaak. delicious. beautiful entry.

Suganya said...

Simple and tasty. Fruit punch looks cute too !

Saju said...

nice vatana shaak, looks very tasty.

Sig said...

wow richa... now that looks like a parteeeee. :) love those glasses all waiting in line with the cute umbrellas ... :D

Richa said...

thanks smdatta! enjoy...

thanks tc, yup rassa mast zhala hota!

thanks ramya! do try it, simple and yummy :)

thanks sia! yup that's how long it took me, don't cut the potato too big, cube it small, cooks faster :) jaggery-tomato combo is too yummy! oh! wow u had chole, gotta' cook that soon, my fav :)

thanks shivpriya! the jaggery gives a nice sweetish tinge, a must in gujju food, try it! i've not tried with dried peas, but if cooked and added shud work, do let me know if you try!

Richa said...

thanks tee! do try this version! what was the dish called with the dried peas, did it have a gravy? do post it sometime!

thanks sharmi! glad u liked the presentation, yup those umbrella are so cute, brings more to the table :) enjoy dear..

thanks suganya! yup, it is a quick & tasty one.

thanks saju!

thanks sig! yup it's a party alright, join in :) good to know u r having such a blast with ur parents around, enjoy sweetie :)

TNL said...

mein a thoda divas pehlaj banavyu hatu! It is indeed so simple and so tasty, amne badhane bhave che!

Summer drinks paan ekdam takatak lagey che..


indosungod said...

Prep. looks simple but delicious I have never Peas and Potatoes just by themselves. Love your cool drink, the color is pleasing to the eye.

Coffee said...

My favourite!!!! I have it on my blog toooo!!!!!

Love the cute glasses with unbrellas.... :)

Unknown said...

Hi Richa,
Love the combo of peas and potato always tastes delicious..
O Orange with ginger and to have a drink...
Cute cute presentation..

Roopa said...

wow yumm i too love this i can have with roti or puris. worst part is my daughter hates peasshe will keep picking it until only the gravy with potatoes is left:). the drink with the cute umbrella straws looks great treat for kids.

Anonymous said...

easy , simple and wonderful. I'd like to try this dish!

bee said...

dear richa,

we tried this with fresh fava beans instead of peas, and loved it. it's simple and full of flavour. thank you.

archana said...

Richa mast ahey hi bhaji.Me nakki try kareen. Mala tuze glasses with umbrella khoop awadley.

Anonymous said...

Hi Richa, the gravy in this dish is really calling out to me... and then that lovely cool drink to finish... great combination! :)

Richa said...

thanks trupti! maney aa shaak bau bhavey & so quick to make :)
Enjoy ur wknd sweetie!

thanks isg! it is a very popular combo, do try it sometime! have a good wknd.

thanks coffee! aa shaak gujju fav che :) will chk ur version too :) enjoy...

thanks madhu! you are right, the peas alu combo has so many variations, all so tasty! enjoy..

Richa said...

thanks roopa! yup, u r right, tastes yum with puri as well as chapati, do try it.

thanks dee! do try & lemme' know how u liked it.

thanks bee! good to know u made it & liked it. it's so quick with awesome flavor, fava beans, hmm. do try with peas next time :)

thanks archana! aag, hi bhaji nakki try kar, ekdum soppi ani gul-tomato chi chav phaar chan ahey :) batate lahan kaap, laukar shijtata. tya chatrya kiti cute ahet na? enjoy...

thanks linda! the gravy is such a fav, no grinding involved, that makes life easier :) enjoy the wknd...

Cynthia said...

Everything looks good Richa. Totally satisfying.

Jyothi said...

Hi, really looks perfect and delicious. Thanks for sharing.

Aruna said...

Richa, Looks mouthwatering & delicious, will try it ASAP :)

DEEPA said...

The drink looks perfect lady ....great one ...You have the perfect "V" dish around wow!!!!

Anonymous said...

shaak looks fantastic...i love vatana...used it recently when i made ragda patties...thanks for sharing

sunita said...

Richa, this is one of our favourite dishes...except the jaggery and a minor others, I use all the other's great to rustle up, isn't it..we usually have it with rotis or poories...

btw, those drinks look really cute...

Nupur said...

Frozen peas have saved my skin many a times :D This shaak looks like the perfect comfort food!

Rachna said...

nothing like the aaloo and puri combination na... i dont put tomato in my matar-aloo recipe...will def try it.... nice recipe richa, thanks...

Alapana said...

I make it when i want to come out of the kitchen asap:) and i just put it in a cooker and done in three whistles,then add the tomato and jeera powder and do the rest of the cooking,goes well with hot rice for me:) simple yet delicious.

Vicki said...

Hi Richa - This looks really good! One question - instead of jaggery and lemon juice, could I substitute with tamarind?

Richa said...

thanks cynthia!

thanks jyothi!

thanks aruna! do let me know when you try it dear!

thanks deepa, glad you found them so tempting!

thanks dilip!

thanks sunita! yup, jaggery is a must in gujju dishes. there are so many ways to perk up the humble alu & matar :) enjoy...

thanks nupur! true, the ever present frozen peas comes to the rescue of many a cooks :)

thanks dumela! alu-poori is definitely the ultimate combo :)

thanks alpana! so true, pressure cooking saves a lot of time! enjoy dear...

thanks & welcome here vicky!
i've personally never used tamarind in this dish, it might change the flavor, i think. the lemon can be left out if the tomatoes are sour enough, canned tomatoes have a sour taste, can use those. jaggery goes best, but can use little sugar if u don't prefer jaggery or leave it out altogether.
hope i answered ur Q.

Kajal said...

Richa shaak to bahuj saars lage chhe....pan mane to orange-raspberry punch no ek glass joy chhe...mane tu moklav..jaldi.....mare pan event ma participant thavu hatu pan orange na madiya.....ane next month ma watermelon chhe....pan teni pan seasone nathi I enjoy to see all your entry.:)

Dhana said...

I luvd the orange simple yet sounds soo good!

Anonymous said...

hi richa! I loved your orange drink especially those nice umbrellas.can u pls tell me where did you find/buy them or how did you make them.will be happy to know abt them.mail me at

Anonymous said...

hey richa,
i've been haunting u're site for a few days now. tried soem dishes. loved all of them, this one and the moong usal is my favorite! in fact i loved the moong usal so much i tried u're same recipe with moong, matki and masoor!
love this simple aloo and vatana shaak recipe!
thanks for some simple and awesome recipes!