Thursday, July 12, 2007

Paneer & Mixed Veg in Creamy Gravy & a MeMe

I'm so excited since I saw my recipe mentioned in one of the most beautiful websites, The Travellers LunchBox, just wanted to share this exciting news with my blogger buddies!

It made my day :) After all it is all about me, me, me... believe me when I say I was never so vain ;)
If you have not yet checked out this website, please do so, even if only to ogle at the luscious pictures!!

I've been tagged by my buddy Sig of Live To Eat fame for 7 random facts MeMe. Though I can never figure out what to write in these meme's, here are some random facts about me that I could think of real quick :)
1. I'm very fond of stand up comedy. Have spent many a late night watching stand up comedy on HBO and can never get enough of it. Such is my obsession with it that I've setup my morning alarm to one of the funny comedians, eddie izzard, I wake up to the sound of 'cake or death...', if you know what i mean ;) ......
2. I've always been very fond of the stage! Loved to watch all the different plays back home and was lucky to get to watch some well known artists perform. This fondness continues and one of my summer hangouts is watching musicals, be it Broadway or local theaters.


3. A couple of winters back, it took me SIX hours to drive back home from work during a snow storm, usually it's a 35 minute drive! I was scared and frustrated, I think it has put me off snow for good :(
4. Love to read, non-fiction only, please! I believe in mind over matter and am amazed at the inspiration drawn by current authors from our ancient books. I also love to read & re-read books on nutrition & food pairing/combination, not sure how much I incorporate though :) Got the reading habit from my dad, the only thing he buys when he travels anywhere in the world are books! He has a huge library back home and currently he is writing a book. I also have a fascination with learning different languages.
5. I like to observe people. When waiting for food in a restaurant I'll be busy observing people and drawing my own conclusions, while others on the table are getting impatient for food ;) I've to be reminded to finish my food and stop gazing at the other tables :)
6. I'm very fond of coriander chutney and mint chutney :) Though it takes me a minute to grind the chutney, it takes me a long long time to clean the greens! I'm embarrassed at the water wastage when making this chutney. Somehow I never seem to get them clean enough, luckily for me, this OCD is limited to the greens only :)
7. I'm very protective of my kid sis (who is not a kid anymore, but..). She laughs it off saying that in spite of being so far away I manage to keep a tab on her every moment ;)
I now tag Archana, The Cooker, Sia, Tee , Shilpa and Sunita. Please feel free to play only if you have the time & the inclination, no pressure there :)


And now for the Recipe Of The Day - Paneer & Mixed Vegetables in Creamy Gravy!


I make this delicious dish when I'm looking for a change from the usual tomato gravy. This is a quick dish, no grinding of any kind involved :)


2 cups chopped vegetables ( I use carrots, red bell pepper, peas, beans, cauliflower)

1/2 cup paneer, chopped

1/2 onion, sliced

1/2 cup milk/cream/half n' half/evaporated milk (adjust as per gravy requirement)

(use any ONE of the above as per your diet constraints, needless to say cream tastes the best)

1 tsp ginger paste

1 tsp minced green chili

2 tbsp oil

Tadka: 1/2 tsp jeera(cumin seeds), hing(asafoetida), 1 bay leaf, 1 small piece cinnamon

1 tbsp coriander seed powder,

pinch turmeric,

1/2 tsp garam masala,

1/2 tsp chili powder(optional)



1. Heat oil, add jeera, hing, bay leaf, cinnamon. Add onion & fry a few minutes. Add ginger paste, chili paste, coriander seed powder, turmeric, red chili powder (if using) and fry for a few seconds, add a few tbsp water if the powders starts sticking to the pan.


2. Add chopped vegetables and salt, cover and cook till done, but still crunchy. You might need to add some water to cook the vegetables.


3. Add paneer. (You can fry the paneer and add, I do not). Add milk/cream and garam masala. Simmer a few minutes and garnish with coriander leaves.

A quick delicious dish is ready in a hurry!!


Enjoy Paneer & Mixed Veg with Paratha/naan or Pulav.



Cashew and raisins can be added to the tadka to make it richer :)

To save time you can steam the vegetables and add to the tadka.

If using just milk, a thickener like cashew powder, khus khus powder, maida etc may be used as per taste.

You can pretty much use any combination of vegetables, just carrot, peas & paneer tastes good as well!



Tee said...

Mala hi recipe khup aavadli! Paneer is my weak point, so now I will have to try it out;) Enjoyed reading your MeMe...6 hours to drive back home!!! but i know this feeling, I get scared even if there is just a little bit of icy rain :)more about me later... Thanks!

USHA said...

It was interesting to read the Meme...My god!!!..6 hours which takes ususally 35 minutes...hmmmi can imagine your state then...Between recipe looks colourful and rich..

bee said...

so what did yo observe in the snow storm? i wanna know. it was fun reading your MeMe.

sunita said...

Nice to more about know what, I share your passion for books, and I love observing people...btw, the recipe looks really nice, must taste the same...

Suganya said...

Colorful dish Richa.. I love watching people too :)

Sig said...

Fun read Richa... Me too on #1... love standup comedy... and go watch them live whenever I can... Seinfeld and Robin Williams are my favorites so far...

Six hrs in a car... ah you poor thing... there is nothing I hate more than getting stuck in traffic, and that too in a snow storm... ouch... :(

And the observing people in restaurants part, :) Siv and I love to do that too... romantic dining, you can do that at home, we go out to people watch and gossip about strangers .. :D

Oh and last but not the least, that gravy looks delicious, very colorful :)

DEEPA said...

very nice to read about your self .Nice one ...You where driving for 6 hrs ....Oh my god ...this is really a great one.You must have recvd 100 calls in that time from home ...i know for sure .Nice recipe ......

Sharmi said...

lovely MEME and colorful curry. I too love to learn languages. bookmarked your curry.

Saju said...

Great MEME (I am not sure what the acronym means).
Great recipe too, I love creamy sauces! (more calories than tom sauce though!)

evolvingtastes said...

Good show on being mentioned by TravelerLunchbox, it is among the very top of my faves.

Richa said...

thanks tee! yup i too love paneer, i make this often specially 'coz no grinding :)
lemme' know how u liked it, try with half/half or such!

thanks usha! do try the recipe sometime, appreciate ur comments.

thanks bee! yup, saw snow & more snow & then some ice :( the exit i usually take was totally blocked by cars that had run into each other & there was no going around it :( had to get out of my car every now & then to clean the snow off the wind screen, anyway exp to remember....

thanks sunita! yup i observe people & then guess how long they hv been married or some such heh!heh!

thanks suganya!
yeah it's fun :)

Richa said...

thanks sig! wow u got to watch robin williams live, that must 've been a blast, he is too good!!!
have u seen birdcage, just love that movie, never get tired of it, LOL every single time..
yes, i do like to study body language so to speak heh!heh! guessing if they r married or just dating, evil me...

thanks deepa, glad u liked it! yes that was a drive to remember, i did not feel like going to work the next day!!!!!

thanks sharmi. do lemme' know if you make it, enjoy...

thanks saju, even i'm not sure of the acronym, i guess something about yourself or so...
do try this...

thanks ET! yup the pics & essays are fab :) so what have you been upto, any new recipes coming our way?

Jyothi said...

Really interesting MeMe...thanks for sharing your feelings. The dish is very colorful Richa and rich creamy too.

Coffee said...

So now when I see someone oogling at me at the restaurant I will remember you ;)

The creamy gravy looks awesome! I am sure gonna try that! :)

Priyanka said...

Liked reading your meme. chaan distiye recipe Richa. kadhi tari try karin.

Laavanya said...

Nice Meme Richa.
Love the gravy - looks so colorful and love the fact that it requires no grinding and is super quick and creamy.

Cynthia said...

Thanks for that link to The Traveler's Box - wow, what a beautiful blog and congrats!

The MEME - me too! Nos 1, 2, 4 & 5 the only difference with #4 is that I read non-fiction as well, but only the good writers.

The paneer and mix veg is indeed creamy and sounds like a quick dish.

Richa said...

thanks jyothi! glad u enjoyed reading & the recipe :)

thanks coffee! yup, beware, it's me observing you :) do lemme' know how u like it :)

thanks priyanka! hoga, nakki try kar, agadi simple ahey, half/half vapar :)

thanks laavanya! yup it is creamy & no grinding definitely helps :)

thanks cynthia, you are so generous in ur words, blush :) so were we sisters in some other life with 1,2,4,5 common LOL!

musical said...

Lovely meme and great recipe, Richa. 6 hrs. in the snow! that must have been hard!! he he, so you play guessing games ;) and i say ditto to watching plays and reading!! and dhania-pudina chutneys rule!!


archana said...

Wow Richa Congrats tuzi recipe mention keli Travel lunch box madhye.Chaan ahey good.Tya site varacha photo pahila chaan ahey. Tuzi recipe unique ani chaanach ahey.
Tuza meme chaan lihila ahey :) Six hours getting stuck in a storm is frightening. Tu khoop himmat wali ahes.
Mala tuzi creamy recipe awadli simple and chaan ahey.
Thanks Richa for tagging me . Me lavkarach meme lihin :)

Kajal said...

Paneer with vegetable love it very much....nice idea I try it first it is easy and great taste with paneer. Thanks for sharing. Nice to read about your self.....I like your point no-5. :))

sra said...

I'd have frozen with fear in a snowstorm, forget driving! And your paneer looks awesome.
We make some dishes with milk but add it at the end and usually add a bit of rice flour or besan so that it doesn't curdle. Your gravy looks fine, how did you ensure it didn't curdle?

Sia said...

it was fun to read ur meme richa:) 6 hours to drive bk home??? my god!!!

indosungod said...

Richa, nice to know you a little bit more. I love books too but the Pulp Fiction kind, mindless reading is what keeps me happy. I occasionally read a Non Fiction the recent one was Einstein, I always admired him but after reading the book I am completely bowled over by him.

FH said...

Great MeMe!! This one is flying everywhere these day!:))
Snow can be dangerous and irritating.Since we moved to the South from Minneplois,we haven't seen that much.
Gravy looks great,thick and golden!:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Richa, thanks for such a wonderful recipe! We're seriously addicted to it here and have gone through two watermelons already, despite the fact that the weather in Scotland is about as un-summery as it could possibly be...

sra said...

oh ok, you mentioned maida, i just re-read the recipe.

Suma Gandlur said...

Your curry looks so colorful.
Loved reading your meme.

Vcuisine said...

Very interesting recipe and meme too Richa. Enjoyed it. The dish is so colourful and eye catching. I sent you my entry to your RCI-Event. Hope you like it. Viji

Anonymous said...

hi Richa, Blogger was hiding this from me! It's nice to learn a little about you from your meme... driving in snow is a challenge even if you've done it for years. And somehow the image of you as protective elder sis is not a surprise to me :)

Paneer gravy looks so rich and tasty -- I would love to have a plate :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is looking lovely. Can you send some to my home please. I still have naans at home.

Shivapriya said...

Curry looks great, loved ur meme. We had the same exp in snow. from LA to AZ on I-10 is 5-6 hrs drive it took 10 hrs just to enter I-10. :D

Roopa said...

lovely meme Richa :) nice to know you dear. six hrs driving in snow oh my it must be really frustrating and tiring. gaxing at people oh my h and daughter also do the same i keep alerting them... the gravy looks delicious and colorful...

Padma said...

First of all Congratulations! you have a nice blog and it was very interesting MEME to read. Nice to know you...and I have to admit it that through MEME I have known so many bloggers in such a short time, I am new to food blogging and if time permits do visit me at

Also nice recipe of paneer without ne grinding of masala paste, simple and yet rich in flavor. Are you a Maharashtrain? mala thodi thodi marathi yete, I am from Mumbai and its been a long time I had talked to someone in Marathi

Pravs said...

I can just imagine how excited you got, when your recipe was mentioned in another blog.Cheers to that :D
Really nice reading your MEME and getting to know you a little more.
Is the peppers by the side of the dish from your garden? Those are some vibrant coloured ones. Mixed veg with paneer looks very yummy and colorful.
Thanks for check out on me and that lovely comment. Made me feel good :)

Naina Sudarshan said...

All recipes are so colorful and attractive....looks yummy!

TNL said...

Nice dish and an even nicer Meme.....nice to know more about you. Six hours in the snow,eh? Gosh.... girly.


Suganya said...

O that gravey looks YUM!.......So colourful....Love it...

Anonymous said...

Colorful diah and nice to read your meme...Great photo. Keep it up.:)

Kay said...

What a wonderful blog! :)

And, One of my favorite lines from Shakespeare!!!

I'll try to participate in the Punjabi Fest, Richa.

Shilpa said...

Hi Richa, thanks for visiting my blog! :)

Hey, I don't know if this happens to you, but last week, for the very first time, when I bought a HUGE bouquet of mint, I spotted at least 3 caterpillars and that gave me goosebumps, ugh! I'm very squeamish with worms and ALWAYS look out for them, just never saw them on mint until now! Sick sick!!

Prajusha said...

hi richa,
it was interesting to read ur god.6hrs in a snowstorm..:(
The paneer gravy looks rich and delicious.

Seema Bhat said...

Richa, Paneer in creamy gravy looks yumm. Will taste awesome with butter naan. Will bookmark it. Was nice reading your MeMe.

Seema Bhat said...

Richa by the way for set dosa I normally use sona massori rice. If I am in short of sona massori rice I use Basmatti rice as well.

Lakshmi said...

Well, My boy fits into that food reminders habit. He keeps staring at people/TV/anything in front of him with food in his mouth. He only starts chewing it when the sound waves (don't know how many decibels, my shouting?) have hit his eardrum quite hard! Oops! having tough time with him. The veggie looks good, rich in taste is what I feel.

Naina Sudarshan said...

Hi Richa,
Thanks for visiting my blog.yeah definitely I will post about acidity in my next post.I appreciate your ideas for my next post...thanks.

Bong Mom said...

Hey Congrats on the mention and your MeMe was a fun read...

J said...

The meme was fun to read!! stranded in snow... poor you!

Rachna said...

me too love stand up comedy... hey thanks for the link to the travelling lunchbox, its a lovely blog... nice MEME

Lata said...


You might have had a feast with this dish at home. Looks great and tempting.

Creativecook said...


Lovely colorful Dish! I love watching and eavsdropping on people as well.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.