Friday, July 20, 2007

Care To Guess? AND Some Instant Goodies For You To Savor

Care to guess? What do you think the above picture is all about :)

Update: Time for the results :) I made this Fig pudding inspired by Sig's Date/Pecan pudding. I did not add any nuts. The Figs combined with cardamom powder, set in gelatin and then cut into blocks, ain't it pretty :) Congratulations to Sig, Priyanka & Shilpa for their winning guesses :)

My repertoire of pickles is limited, so to speak! If a pickle is served to me, I eat it, but I've never gone out and bought a bottle of pickle myself. I do make a couple of instant pickles, but then they are more of vegetables in some pickle spice and are to be consumed within a few days!

Well, when I saw this recipe in Nupur's blog, I liked the idea of a quick pickle and it was more of a way to include carrots in the diet :)
Carrot Pickle
3 large carrots cut into matchsticks
1 clove garlic, sliced
1 tsp powdered methi(fenugreek) seeds
1 tsp salt
1tsp red chili powder1 tsp turmeric powder
juice of 1 lime
1 tbsp oil
Tadka:mustard seeds, hing(asafoetida)
Mix all ingredients except tadka & oil.
Heat oil, add mustard seeds & hing, add to the mix.
Microwave for 1 minute.
Stand 15 minutes and refrigerate.
Keep refrigerated & consume within 4 days.

I also made Mint powder and Curry Leaves powder from Archana's blog.
They turned out great and are so good sprinkled in raita's etc.
Wash the mint leaves and curry leaves very well, wipe them dry.
Microwave for 2-3 minutes and crush.
Tadaa! that's it :)
Enjoy aromatic leaf powders.
Thanks Archana & Nupur for these wonderful quick treats!
Thia is my contribution to coffee's MBP-Preserves.
REMINDER: 25th July is the last date for submitting your entries for RCI-Punjab!


Coffee said...

Is it some chocolate fudge or something like that?

Lovely pickle! I love to carrot pickle with khichdi! My fav combo. :)

Thanks for the lovely entry there! :)

Sig said...

Is it a date bar or a fig bar?

The carrot pickle and the powder looks delicious... colorful.. :).

BTW, my RCI entry is ready... just need to write up the recipe... coming your way soon :)

Asha said...

Walnuts and Chocolate fudge cake!!
Carrot pickles are yummy.I make it in small amount bcos they don't last long for me.Looks mouthwatering Richa.

Sia said...

looking at all guessing games in blogsphere i wont be surprised if u say its something from mars;) well, i guess its some cake but cant say which one:)
i too made mint and curry powder from archu's blog. they r amazing isn't it? i used to thorw half of them in bin before.
my RCI is almost entry. will be posting it very soon:)

bee said...

that pickle looks great. richa. there was a gujju restaurant near our home in california hat served awesome instant carrot pickle.

it had fresh geen chilli roundels. i will try replacing the chilli powder with that.

Priyanka said...

is it a chocolate-date bar or probablu anjeer-akhroad vadi?

by the way- the pickle looks yumm...

ani mi already don recipes banavlelya ahet RCI karta.... type karaychich vel ahe... pathavte tula

Nupur said...

Walnut-Chocolate mousse? Hmm...this is a tough one. I feel like it has chocolate. It looks frozen but not the smooth texture of ice cream. Tell us, Richa :)
Thanks for trying the carrot pickle, and I'm glad you liked it!

Richa said...

thanks coffee! yup, shud be good with khichadi to kick it up a notch.

thanks sig. great, looking frwrd to ur entry!

thanks asha!

thanks sia! yeah the powder was so good & quick as well ;)
from mars... heh!heh!

thanks bee! for the gujju version, try adding capsicum as well, tastes yum :)

thanks priyanka!
sounds good, pathvun dey entry :) mala mahit ahey typing karayla kantala yeto heh!heh!

Cinnamon said...

The carrot pickle looks yummy..
and BTW is that Chocolate Brownie or Fudge??

Dee said...

Mmm.. Carrot pickle is what Ive starting liking too.. there is a temple in phoenix where they serve carrot pickle for lunch and dinner

sra said...

It looks like a wet brownie to me :)

Linda said...

It's choco-nut pudding! ;)

Carrot pickle looks delish -- as does the whole meal! :)

Sharmi said...

hey is that ragi pudding or something related to chocolate? carrot pickle looks so good.

musical said...

Mousse? with chocolate and walnuts or pecans? whatever it is, it looks yummy :).

and i am gonna' make that instant pickle today! i see the maah-chholyaan di daal too :-D. Its close to lunch time sweetie, send some my way!


Anonymous said...

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Shivapriya said...

Looks like chocolate fudge cake with chocolate sauce. Carrot pickle and powder looks delicious.

Tee said...

hey, mi pan hya aathavdyat gaajrache lonche kele hote, and I used Nupur's recipe too :)
looking at your cake, all I can think of is, how can I get a piece ;)

Richa said...

the pickle was a breeze to make, thanks nupur! will give out the results shortly ;)

thanks cinnamon ;)

thanks dee, yup it is so tasty :)

sra, results will be out shortly...

thanks linda & sharmi

thanks musical! sure, do try it, anyway u like pickles so much :) badi quick dish haegi :) thuannu sweet bhi bhej dangey...

thanks shivpriya!

thanks tee! same pinch baraka! kiti sopi recipe ahey na, ani chav chan ahey :) tula sweet pathavun detey ;)

Prema Sundar said...

Is it a choclate fudge?? looks so moist.
carrot pickle and powder looks good Richa.

anusharaji said...

chocolate pecan sorbet????

archana said...

It is chocolate walnut fudge cake, becoz I can see some walnuts kept close by :)Tu micro kele greens cha rang chaan distoy, and me pun carrot pickle kareen. Thanx majhi tip karoon pahili. Me tujhi Tomato puree cubes freeze karaychi idea without fail karte :)

Vcuisine said...

Looks like chocolate bar. The entries are too good Richa. Viji

Roopa said...

looks like choclate fudge. the pickle looks yum....

Kajal said...

Great Guessing Game......But I don’t say anything only wait for your next post.

Great carrot pickle and nice combination with Khichdi. Looks yummy my dear. Mai Punjabi cuisine mate ni post kari chhe and tane mail pan kari yo chhe. Bye. Take Care. Wait for your round up my dear.:)

Pravs said...

Love carrot pickle..will def try this recipe.Thanks for the powders.
Is the goodie, chocolate or coffee sorbet ?

indosungod said...

Richa it is a sweet dish with choclate in it. The Carrot pickle looks yummy and colorful.

swapna susarla said...

is it a chocolate +walnut bar?????

carrot pickle looks colorfull!!

Richa said...

thanks prema & anusha! results will be out shortly.. :)

thanks archana! that's right, color chan hota, micro kelya nantar pan chan color tikla, good way to eat these powders, thanks sweetie! ani ti tomato puree tip mazhi pan fav ahey, no wastage.

thanks viji.

thanks roopa!

Richa said...

thanks kajal, glad u like it.
tari punjabi entry matey thanks, paratha saras thaya che, keep it up!

thanks pravs. yup, carrot pickle is pretty quick to make & tastes good. powders are quick as well & retain the color.

thanks isg. i see u make lots of pickles, do try this quick one as well.

thanks swapna. results out soon.

Taste of Mysore said...

Hahaaa seems ur guessing game is getting interesting. I will wait for your answer. Powders looks colorful.

Shilpa said...

another guessing game here! ;-) judging by its colour, i can't decide between prune, date or fig, but it looks like a semifreddo kind of dessert.. can't wait for the answer! :)

Sandeepa said...

The carrot pickle looks so good, should try it soon

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Is it a chocolate icecream cake? Mouthwatering one.....Pickle is looking great.....

Poonam said...

They look like chocolate fudge brownies to me! Love the carrot pickle..

Prajusha said...

carrot pickle looks delicious.i prepare in the same way.whenever i make pickle, i finish within 3-4 days:)

SeeC said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Richa.
You have a wonderful collection over here.

Choco cake ?!!!

Love those carrots in pickle form. Thanks for the lovely post.

Dhana said...

Walnut-Chocolate Fudge? Lovely looking pickle!