Monday, August 13, 2007

Paneer(Indian Cheese) with Red and Green Bell Pepper in Whey Gravy

It is official!

I'm hooked to blogging!
I hereby induct myself into the Food Bloggers Hall of Obsession & Addiction :)

I knew blogging had become an integral part of my daily routine, but did not realise how ahem! obsessed I was about it, until recently. I had house guests last few days and it took immense will power to keep away from blogging. I hardly got any time to blog, though I did steal a few moments to quickly browse thru for a little while. It sure is fun blog hopping, commenting and enjoying new recipes and I missed all that ;)

Do you have these kinds of separation pangs as well? Do lemme' know :)
Here's to Blogging...............

Look at those beautiful Red, Yellow & Green Bell Peppers from my garden. You can enjoy the rest of my garden here.


Cooking a meal in 30 minutes can definitely be accomplished, but it needs planning. I usually go for the flavored rice, raita and a gravy dish (rasewali subzi). Roasting papad depends on the time and adding a pickle is always an option. The first thing I do is setup the timer, this way I know if I'm on track or if I need to hurry up the process. I also like to switch on some music or TV even, this way I peep over to catch a glimpse going about my chores. It is a good idea to check for spices and herbs beforehand, there's nothing like getting ready to cook a dish and finding out you are out of coriander leaves!

My best friends in the kitchen are the pressure cooker, hand/immersion blender and a good knife. . Lets start the timer now: 30:00 click click click

The Longitudinal Paneer & Pepper Subzi (Longitudinal 'coz all the vegetables are cut longitudinally :) ) Fancy name eh?

You can prepare the paneer at home a day earlier and reserve the whey(drained liquid), store bought paneer is fine too. I like to use the whey as it has a lot of nutrients and to avoid wastage. Also it gives a unique flavor to the dish.

1 cup paneer, sliced lengthwise
1 onion chopped, sliced lengthwise
1 red bell papper sliced.....
1 green bell pepper sliced .....
1 tomato sliced ......
1 tsp ginger paste

1tsp garlic paste
2 green chili finely chopped
1 cup whey drained from the paneer making process
(This gives a distinc taste to the subzi. In case you are using store bought paneer, just add water and add some grated paneer towards the end)
1.5 tbsp oil
Tadka: cumin seeds, hing(asafoetida), a piece of cinnamon(dalchini)
A word of caution here. Cinnamon stick brings out a strong flavor in this dish, if you are not used to it or not too fond of cinnamon it is totally OK to leave it out)
turmeric powder
1 tbsp coriander powder
chili powder as per taste
1/4 tsp garam masala

1. Heat oil, add tadka ingredients.
2. Add sliced onion and fry a couple of minutes only, till translucent. We are not going to use the onion for the gravy, rather it is used as an additional veg in this dish, for once lets give the onion it's due in the kitchen :)
While the onion is getting fried, slice the bell peppers.

3. Add bell peppers, ginger/garlic paste & green chili. Fry for few minutes.
4. Add all the masala powders and mix well.
5. Add whey or water, cover and cook for 5-7 minutes.
In that time chop tomatoes and wash 1 cup of rice.

6. When bell peppers are almost done, add tomato and paneer, mix well.
7. Cook a few minutes more till done and the gravy is of required consistency.
8. Garnish with coriander leaves.
You can check out one more version of Paneer/Veg dish in a creamy gravy in my July post.

In the mean while, add washed rice, 2 cups water, 1 tsp cumin seeds, salt & 1tsp ghee to the pressure cooker. Cook for 3 whistles & jeera rice is done. (Please adjust pressure cooker timings as per your cooker instructions).

Whisk curds with salt, red chili powder, chat masala, jeera powder. You can add chopped tomato/onion/cucumber whatever you have at hand or can have it plain as well.

The Longitudinal Paneer Bell Pepper subzi, Jeera rice & flavored curds is ready to be served.
Paneer for the protein, curds for the calcium, rice for the carbs & vegatables for vitamins/minerals, makes a complete meal.

Timer shows 2:00
Yoohoo, I still have two minutes to catch the ending of that show :)

This is my contribution to Mallugirl's Express cooking Event.

This is also my contribution to GBP-Summer 2007 hosted by Deepz.


Laavanya said...

Rita, I totally agree with you about the obsession with blogging. Even if I'm pressed for time it's hard for me to not look around various blogs and read new stuff. :) So don't worry, you are not alone.

Coming to your dish - that was super fast, super easy and super-delish! Great.

TBC said...

That is such a colorful dish, Richa.
Regarding the obsession with blogging, I'm right there behind/with ya!
These days I find it difficult to cook without taking a pic! Anytime I step into my kitchen, I'm thinking of my camera:-(
I'm going to watch this space to see if anyone has any tips.

Sia said...

join the gang darling:) dont worry, u will find many blog obsessed crazy group here;)

Richa said...

thanks laavanya! feels good to be in the "same" boat heh!heh! but we will march forward, won't we..

thanks TBC! yup, it does look colorful. yup cooking & camera seem to be inseparable these days :)

hey sia, good to know u too are in the same pack heh!heh!

archana said...

Richa nice to see you back. Tuza menu mast ahey. Me pun flavoured rice prefer karte jevhan ghait aste. Bell peppers chaan distaahet. Lovely colour and ekdum fresh crisp ahet :)
He bhaji mala awadli. Whey chi idea chaan ahey:)
Mala pun blogging chi itki habit zali ahey ki atta me blogging shivay nahi rahu shakat :)
Sakal pasun blogs baghat aste :)

Asha said...

Welcome to DA CLUB!!;D
I know what you mean.
Those are beauties!! I will plant some next year.Great job girl.You can send this to GBP as your entry.Great post.Gravy looks yum!

Tee said...

good to see you back...I am currently going through the same phase right now...have some family over and hardly find time to even check out my mail. Its so difficult to keep away from the FBD site...but just don't get that much time to read through all the new posts:)
Paneer chi bhaaji masta distiye...karun baghin ani saangin.

Sharmi said...

the peppers look so lovely. Next summer I should try these and tomatoes too.

Richa said...

thanks archana! barobar ahey, baki kahi pan kaam karta karta online janyachi tivra ichcha astey :)
tey bell peppers, phaar chaan hotey, nothing like homegrown :) ani size pan motthi ahey. thanks once again sweetie!

thanks asha! glad to join DA club :) you definitely are a permanent resident of the club ;) yes do try them peppers, they turned out awesome & i already sent it to gbp.

thanks Tee!
kay ga tu pan same boat madhye ahes ka? pahune ahet pan online jaoon baghava asey vatate, right? pan mag kadhi kadhi break pan bara vatato, nahi ka?
do try & lemme' know how u like it.

Richa said...

thanks sharmi! yes, do try those peppers next time, they do bloom pretty good :) i'm getting plenty tomatoes too.

sra said...

Girl, join the crazies, I missed blogging even when my parents were around!!!!! The first time they visited after I started my blog, i didn't, this time I did! Can't get more shameful than that!

sunita said...

Blogging obsession...join the club:D...I love those peppers of yours...nothing like home grown veggies...and I also happen to love your dish:)

Cinnamon said...

The colorful peppers look lovely.. and delicious look dish too!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

musical said...

Kya baat hai Richa! Bell pepper te paneer is my all time favorite dish, and you have given it a marvellous touch with why gravy!! I will have to try this variety soon!! and love, love, love those home grown bell peppers-am sure the sabzi tastes even yummier with them :-D.


SeeC said...

Count me in :)

Excellent Colours and a wonderful recipe.

Suganya said...

My my.. Blogging is addictive.. Longitudinal subzi .. Now think whether you vl have come up with that name if you weren't blogging ;)

TheCooker said...

Such beautiful colours!
Like the idea of cooking in whey.
Obsession? Addiction is more like it.

Richa said...

sra, u sure outdid us all...LOL

thanks sunita, glad u enjoyed my garden produce & the dish. I'm happy to be in ur company....

thanks cinnamon, glad u liked it.

thanks musical! haanji peppers bot vadhiya sigey! peppers & paneer do make a beautiful medley, isn't it :) Enjoy...

thanks seec.

It sure is, Suganya!

thanks TC! yup, it's always on the mind ;)

Cynthia said...

Such a bountiful, delicious harvest.

Hima said...

That is a lovely yummy dish

ramya said...

hey this is looking great.

indosungod said...

Oh yes! the bell peppers are wonderful and the dish they ended up would make them proud. Tasty with that paneer and all.

Nags said...

Hi Richa, thank you so much for your warm wishes :)

Have no idea why my pics are not showing up.. please do let me know if you can see it now.. i have tried to reload them..

btw, i am very jealous of ur garden.. the flats in hyderabad dont allow me that luxury.. but soon.. i hope!

Sig said...

lol, how can I sign up to the club Richa... :) So, thats where you disappeared... I was thinking of popping you an email, then I thought you are just taking a break after that RCI round up :)...
Wow, on those peppers.... beautiful! And a great recipe too...

Coffee said...

You bet I have blogging pangs!!! I regret those days when I am ladden with a lot many chores at work and don't find time to blog hop or even blog for that matter! :( I agree with sia!!! We are a group of blog obsessed crazy people ;)

That whey gravy is fabulous! :)

sra said...

{Squirming with embarrassment} Just for the record, I missed blogging, but I didn't actually blog when they were around - we were too busy shopping for stuff and not finding what we wanted :(

Raaga said...

Yesterday I had to travel from Gurgaon to NOIDA - across 3 states... and I forgot to photograph my food before packing it... so I called S and asked him to take a picture before eating.

That's called obsession too... and we're with you girl. All the way :-)

Lovely recipe and effective use of whey which is very nutritious.

Vcuisine said...

Richa, coming straight away to see (at least) your garden. Lovely pepper. The dish is refreshing. Viji

Seema said...

Richa, As you rightly mentioned all of us kind of get addicted and obsessed with blogging. And its so frustrating when you can't actually spend time blogging as you used to. At least thats what is happening to me here. Lovely colorful peppers Richa. I have never tried my hands on red bell peppers. Will try planting then next year. Happy gardening buddy.

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Richa...Its a great blog u have here...I am visiting it for the first time.Great post. Looks Great :-) said...

You have a real good crop Richa. My Mom too uses the whey to make a lot of gravies. Looks very colourful

Richa said...

thanks cynthia, hima, isg & ramya! glad u enjoyed it.

thanks nags. yeah it happens sometimes, pics do not load, will chk back. glad u enjoyed my garden. Do try some container gardening if u get a chance, it gives such a pleasure :)

thanks sig! yup those peppers are a joy to watch and then gobble up :) yeah i do remember the time when u were on vacation & blogging all the time, u definitely lead the pack heh!heh! enjoy..

thanks coffee! hugs from one crazy obsessed fan to another :)

Richa said...

sra, are u sure ;)

thanks raaga! yup whey is nutritious & tastes good in gravy.
Now, about calling dh for pic LOL how did he take it? now i don't feel as bad or as guilty :)

thanks viji! you are most welcome anytime dear.

thanks seema! yup, do try growing them next year. I guess u have guests now and must be real busy with them. Keep blogging though...

thanks sirisha, glad you liked it.

thanks sandeepa! good to know u too use whey.

Mandira said...

blogging obsession - I've had those days :) homegrown peppers look absolutely fabulous. all from pots... looks great richa.

Arts said...

nice jhatpat meal. I love it..
cant believe the peppers are home grown.. they look awesome! :)

Priyanka said...

Richa, i totally agree. Since school's in full swing, i dont know how i am going to be able to manage cooking plus posting.... As it is i am missing out on a lot of events and stuff, but i just cant find the time. The bell peppers look very colorful- looks yumm...

Roopa said...

he he there you are! me too getting very much but lately haven't had much time too and shd say i missed lot of blog hopping !

coming to the recipe, the dish looks yum with capsicum and paneer both my favorite

Sia said...

happy independence day darling:)

Kajal said...

WOW....Red and Green bell pepper at home....nice but you have lots of care for this. Paneer ane pepper ni subzi ni to vaat j na thai....bas tu mane bell pepper moklvi de pachhe hu banvish subzi.... tara kharna bell pepper ni...amri bahju ma je rahe chhe net te ne ketar(farm) chhe to tovo amne bindi and chori api jay ne to tenu saak to bahu saras thai...karne ke te fresh hou...

Padma said...

Even I agree with u that blogging is becoming an obsession...but I somehow was not blogging for the past 17 days as My IL's visited me...hardly spared some time in blog hopping...

Thats a cool looking dish and useful way of using whey...looks delicious!
tx for sharing