Friday, April 6, 2007

Rase Wale Kale Chane

(can you feel the steam around the piping hot chane?
I almost scalded my hands taking the pic right off the stove)

Isn't it interesting how some foods are associated with a particular festival. You cannot mention one without referring to the other in the same breath. Like, Kale Chane, Puri and Halwa is always associated with 'Kanchken' during the 'Navraten', cannot think of 'Lodi' without 'gajak & revadi', has to be 'tilgul' on 'Sankranti' and who can miss the 'churma na ladu' for 'Ganesh Chaturthi'.
Is it the association of the weather with the contents of the festive foods? or is it that it was linked to be 'God's' favorite food. Whatever the case may be, these associations are stronger than one can think!
Today I'll share with you one of my most favorite dishes of all times - Rase Wale Kale Chane (black chana). This boon from mother earth is full of all the nutrition you can think of and is widely available where ever yo go, no excuse really not to eat it. There are so many variations of this wonderful legume, each with it's own spice addition, not that it needs any ;-)

I make it as a gravy dish 'Rase Wale' as well as a dry one. The dry kale chane is the trademark symbol associated with 'Kanchaken'. Also the additional perk for us kids (girls only, mind you) used to be the 10paise & 25paise coins that we used to get along with this as a parshad. I will give both the recipes here.
Here is the recipe for Rase Wale Kale Chane.

1/2 cup Kale chane soaked overnight
1 onion finely chopped
1 tomato finely chopped or 3 tbsp tomato puree
1 tbsp ginger & garlic paste
Haldi, chili pwd, jeera pwd, garam masala, amchur pwd (as per taste, you know the drill)
2 tbsp ghee (can reduce or substitute with oil as per calorie constraints)
1/2 tsp jeera, 1" cinnamon, 1 black cardamom, 1 bay leaf, a pinch hing

Pressure cook the soaked chane. You need to cook this for a long time, do not worry, however long you cook them they never lose their shape, they always hold the identity that mother nature gave them. I cook for 30 minutes in the pressure cooker.
Heat ghee, add jeera, hing, cinnamon, black cardamom, bay leaf & hing. (It's ok if you do not have all the spices, just jeera is fine too, as I mentioned before these pearls of nutrition are great as is).
Add onion, ginger/garlic paste and saute till brown. Add tomato, haldi powder, jeera powder, salt, amchur, garam masala & cook well. I do not put all the spice powders all the time, play with the spices you like and create your own spice mix. Add boiled chane with the water it is boiled in and simmer for a few minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serve with rice or roti.
Now for the dry kale chane.
This is a very simple and quick method to get one extremely tasty dish.

1 cup kale chana soaked & pressure cooked till done
1/2 onion finely chopped
2 cloves garlic chopped
2 tbsp oil
Rai, jeera, red chili, curry leaves
Jeera pwd, coriander pwd, haldi, red chili pwd, garam masala, pepper pwd, cinnamon pwd, amchur

Heat oil, add rai, jeera, hing, curry leaves & red chili. Add onion, green chili and garlic, saute till brownish. Add haldi, jeera pwd, coriander pwd, amchur, cinamon powder, pepper powder, garam masala, salt & chili pwd. Stir well till spices cook and emanate a tantalizing aroma. Add boiled chane and cook till most of the water evaporates. This way the spices kind of surround the chane in a thickish film. These chane are to be enjoyed with puri and sooji halwa, aah! SHEER BLISS! You don't have to take my word for it, just try it once and you will know what I'm raving about!!
(Will post my halwa recipe soon).


Sangeeta said...

Richa, Great recipe. I love Kale Chane in any form :) Thanks for sharing

Kribha said...

Hey Richa,
I too feel the sameway about how some foods are associated with festivals,although I did not understand all the items you mentioned there as I don't know Hindi.Anyway,'rase wale kale chane' looks too good. I usually make the dry version in a different way. Will try your recipe next time.Thanks for sharing.

Richa said...

thanks, sangeeta.
yeah, isn't kala chana great dry and rase wale?

Richa said...

hi kribha,
thanks for your generous words!
Do try it and let me know. Also please post your dry version when you get a chance.

FH said...

Love the Kale chne any way we make it!They are just yummy.Rasawale chane looks great with chapatis.Simple but delicious recipe.Thanks Richa.

Richa said...

that is so true asha! Do try the dry one as well, it's a little different than the usual subzi.

TNL said...

Shiro,puri and kaala "festival" favs!
Kaala Chana saras lagey che, onions and tomatoes nakhine to bhatura saathey paan khavay ne??

Dry...yaar,khabar nahi.Try karva padse...Paachi "problem" thaay to tari paachal avish. (lol)

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

This looks nice.I too love kale channa than those white ones.Love the name ....thanks for sharing

Coffee said...

Be careful dear.... don't be in a hurry to click the pic !!!!! Steam is hotter than fire!!!! :)

Kala chana bahu saras lage che..... And the combo with puri and halwa is the ultimate!!!!!...... tamne badhayena aavi ne marvu padse lage che..... tyan trupti puri ne bataka nu shaak ane tu ahiyan chana ne puri na halwo....... bahu badha loko mane India ni yaad karave che!!!!!!!!!!!

Ticket na paisa lage che ke tamari pasethi leva padse!!!! ;) :P

musical said...

Sorry, first comment got post with a cpl. of words!!

Richa, that was a sweet post.....especially with all the trivia on Jyot/Kanjakaan. Kale chane or Bhangoor (dry ones) are so delish with halwa/kadaah and poori :). and the best taste comes out only the Ashtami/Navami days :). A angoorpoori rolled with halwa-bhanggor:heaven!

The only difference between your and my recipe is that we don't add onions and garlic (to observe Satvik for Pooja) and Pooja is the only time when we make Bhangoor :).

Anonymous said...

Its a long time I didn't cook these chane. Your picture looks very good. Thanks for sharing.

Richa said...

thanks trupti, glad u liked it. It sure is a classic combo.
Arrey dry chana try to kar, tane bhavse. Simple lageche pan bau tasty banshe.
All the masalas together create a great texture.

Richa said...

hey soumya,
yup many prefer the nutty taste of kale chane. Do try these versions.

Richa said...

thanks for ur concern coffee, so sweet.
yes it's a great combination ;-)

Look who's complaining! tu hamna India thi pachi aavi chey, saras garam masala lai ne. I'm the one longing to go visit.
Garam masala na exchange ma, tkt lai ja ha!ha!

Richa said...

hey musical,
the halwa & puri along with kale chane just makes the mouth water!
Dujje dina vaaste pyaaz te garlic paake try karo, it's yummy.

Ashatami de din it tastes the best, u r so right about that. All the excitement makes it so irresistible.

Richa said...

hi shilpa,
thanks for ur generous words.
Yes it happens so often that we forget about a few dishes we know and are reminded about it once we see it elsewhere.

Vcuisine said...

Great recipe Richa. Kale Chane has got its own taste. Viji

musical said...

Hey Richa, how true: and with lil' girls visiting different homes to get the prasad, one gets to sample so much variety of the same dishes :). Its amazing how the same halwa, chana, poori combo taste so different between different kitchens.

Sure, main next time pyaaz vagaira paake try karni haan :)

Have a great weekend.


Richa said...

hi viji,
yes the nutty & earthy taste of kale chane is unmatched.

Richa said...

hey musical,
halwa puri chane khao te aisha karo ;-)

BTW did you check if your fav food falls in here -;GT1=9303

Sig said...

Kala Chana is my favorite type too. Love your recipes, esp the dry one, I can just have it as a snack!

indosungod said...

Richa, both Kale Chana recipes are tasty, the second is also called sundal?
Wanted to let you know I tried your Jalfrezi and it came out super, thank you.

Richa said...

hey sig,
it sure is one nutritious snack!
If you are not too averse to deep frying, try it with puri sometime.


Richa said...

welcome to my blog, ISG!

I'm so happy that you tried & enjoyed the jalfrazie recipe, just checked ur blog and the colorful pic looks awesome!

And yes, I've heard about sundal, I think it involves adding grated coconut as well.


bee said...

any recipe for kala chana is welcome. thanks for yours.

Anonymous said...

I love black chana. Your recipe looks great. Careful while taking pictures:)

Latha said...

Lovely entry Richa! Your pictures look delectable. I just made Trupti's kale channa recipe last week (the amritsari chole one)... will try your in some time :-) I love these new recipes i get to try :-)

Shivapriya said...

Hi Richa
Lovely dish, We make a dry version with this black chane and also gravy dish with alu. Khattu Mag looks delicious.

Seema Bhat said...

Oh I love he name rase wale for the chana and I love black chana than the white chana. It has unique flavor plus its supposed to be healthier than the white ones. Loved your recipe

Anonymous said...

Hi Richa, I enjoyed reading the festival/food associations you described -- and I love kala chana! Thanks for two new recipes :)

Kajal said...

Hello Richa,
"Rasa wale kale chane" - Love every one in my home.
Also Khatt Maga is very taste and delicious gujarati dish of our village.
I remember my days of village. When suddenly guest is coming at village then they make this to curry. I really enjoy this to curry at village. When we cook at our home but taste is different because they cook in mitti bartan so it is very different in taste. Thanks for reminding my old days.
Take care!

Richa said...

thanks bee, kale chane is one much loved legume.

welcome to my blog Reena.
glad you liked the recipe, do try it.

Richa said...

hey latha,
I'm happy that you enjoy the pics.
yes it is so much fun trying out new dishes.

hi shivpriya,
I too add alu sometimes, alu is always welcome in my house he!he!
Do try the khatta mag, it's different and very quick to make.

Richa said...

hey seema,
thanks for your generous words. Rase wale kale chane is so well liked by everyone at home. do try it.

welcome to my blog, Linda.
glad you enjoyed the write up.
enjoy these recipes.

hey kajal,
you are so right about mitti bartan, it gives a distinc taste. Enjoy.

Santhi said...

Hi Richa...Thanks a lot for the recipe..I tried it and it was really nice...even my little one really liked it..:-)and you have a great blog going !

Richa said...

welcomo to my blog, santhi. I'm very happy to know you tried & liked my recipe. Glad to have the 'kiddy approved' seal!
thanks for your generous words!

Anonymous said...

Hi Richa,

I recently came across you site and simply loved it. Today I tried the rasse wale kale chane and it turned out great.

Thanks again for posting the recipe and looking forward to see many more wonderful recipes

Richa said...

thanks pooja and welcome here! I'm very happy to know that you tried my recipe and enjoyed it a lot. do visit again!

Anonymous said...

GreaT recipe.. Came out great..

Richa said...

thanks for ur feedback, Rajeev!
am glad u enjoyed the kale chane!

ggg said...

i recently came accross your blog and like your blog. i have also started a foodblog recently.keep up your good work and i wish u a very success.