Thursday, April 26, 2007

Rawa Dosa

Rawa Dosa is something that satiates your appetite when you want to have dosa but do not have the ground & fermented batter ready. Well there is a solution to that too, ready made batter!! but then there aren't many who have that kind of 'luxury' ;-(
In Matunga one step out of the house and you would have a hard time deciding from amongst the EXCEPTIONAL restaurants in the area. Oh boy! what a place!!!!! But lets not get carried away ;-)
In case you do not want to step out of your home but still enjoy a crisp dosa, Rawa Dosa is the way to go!! It is quick to make and tastes awesome, if I might say so myself ;-). Enjoy it with Onion sambar and Potato masala.
Rawa Dosa: There are many variations to the ratio of the three flours used in this dosa. This is the one I use successfully.
1 cup rawa
1/2 cup rice flour
1/4 cup maida
2 tbsp chopped onion (optional)
2 green chili chopped
1 tbsp oil
rai(mustard), jeera, curry leaves, coriander leaves
Mix rawa, rice flour & maida with water to make a watery batter.
this batter is supposed to be on the runny side, do not make it thick. Add salt. Heat oil, add jeera, curry leaves & green chili. After a few seconds add chopped onion and saute till onions turn translucent. Add to the batter. Heat the tava well, spray some oil and pour the batter. This batter should not be spread on the tava, it should be just poured and should form a lace for the best texture. Once this side is cooked, flip the dosa and cook the other side. Repeat for the remaining batter.
Onion Sambar
1/2 cup toor dal
1/2 onion sliced
1 tsp tamarind paste
1 tbsp sambar pwd
1/2 tsp chili pwd
1 tbsp oil
rai(mustard), jeera, hing, 1/4 tsp methi seeds, curry leaves, 2 dry red chili
coriander leaves
Pressure cook the toor dal. In the absence of a pressure cooker, the dal can be boiled in a wide saucepan, just that it takes longer to cook by this method.
Heat oil, add rai, jeera, methi seeds, red chili, hing & curry leaves. Add sliced onion and saute till onion turns translucent.
Add tamarind paste and a cup of water. Let it cook till the raw taste of tamarind disappears. Add sambar powder & red chili powder(if using). Add whisked boiled toor dal and water as per required consistency. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves.
One of my friends adds a tsp of ghee just before switching off the stove and it adds a great taste, it is purely optional though!
Potato Masala
4 potatoes boiled
1 onion sliced
2 green chili finely chopped
1.5 tbsp oil
rai(mustard), hing, curry leaves, turmeric powder, salt
1/2 tbsp lemon/lime juice
Mash the potatoes roughly. Heat oil, add rai, hing, curry leaves & green chili. Add sliced onion & fry till it turns translucent. Add turmeric powder, salt & fry a bit.
Add mashed potatoes and mix well. Cook till done. Can add a tbsp water if it gets too dry. Add the lemon juice and switch off the gas. Garnish with coriander leaves.
Variation: You can add cashew nuts for a crunch.
Enjoy Rawa Dosa with onion sambar and potato masala.
This is my contribution to RCI-Tamil started by Lakshmi. Thanks for the event, Lakshmi.


Bharathy said...

Yummy yummy:)Wonderful pics!thanx for sharing dear..:)

FH said...

Oh yum!! Lot of Rava diashes today.Rava idly,Rava rottis and Rava dosas.I am in Heaven!!:))
Looks delicious Rich,thanks:)

Ayesha Seerin said...

yummy dosa ... I once tried rava dosa and ended up with shreds .. U are tempting me to try it again ...

Sig said...

Richa, beautiful golden color with that lacy texture, perfect rava dosa! I've only made these using instant powder, will try your mix next time. BTW what is rai?

Seema Bhat said...

Rawa dosa looks perfect and lacy. Loved the onion sambar too. Yummy. Perfect weekend breakfast would be this.

Richa said...

thanks bharathy! glad you enjoyed the pics!

thanks asha! yup, me too, love those rava dishes!!

thanks ayesha. do try it, may be you can make a smaller quantity for the trial. Make sure to make the batter runny.

Richa said...

thanks sig. wow getting approval from a "pucca southie" for dosa, feels great ;-)
oops! forgot to mention, rai is mustard seeds in hindi. Do try it, it's pretty straight forward.

thanks seema, glad to know you liked it. you are so right, it is a perfect wknd breakfast/brunch!

bee said...

that looks perfect, just perfect. crisp and lacy.

Pdk said...

Nice dosas... i love rava dosas coz we can make it anytime we think of it, unlike the batter dosa... nice pix, richa...

Anonymous said...

Great one Richa, we just had it at Ganesha Dosa House at Newark Ave, JC. Had I known that there would be a detailed desc of how to make it then would given it a try. But now that we know how get your recepie we will be coming here often. Thanks.


Jyothi said...

Hi Richa, beautiful pics of rava dosai, I love it. Your photos are tempting me to prepare. Thanks for sharing.

Manjula said...

Thats a crispy thin rava dosa! I never got it right, mine always comes out soft :( Will make it your way next time.

Richa said...

thanks bee! i love that lacy texture, it's so much fun to make it.

thanks priya. you are right, this is just right for the time when you crave for a dosa & want it now.

thanks samir. Ganesh dosa house, hmm. Have heard of Dosa Hut, but not this. There are so many desi restaurants on jersey ave, right? anyway do try this, you can start with smaller proportions. Enjoy

thanks jyothi & welcome to my blog. Even i'm so fond of this dosa.

thanks manjula, even I went thru the experimentation phase earlier. so much depends on the rawa, the consistency of the batter & the tava. anyway you can try this.
hope you enjoy it ;-)

Suma Gandlur said...

Rava dosa is lookig delicious. This is one of my favorite dosa.

musical said...

Fantastic one, Richa! i love Rave dosai, because thee are much quicker to make :-D

Great combo, sweetie-so when do i come for lunch/dinner ;).


Richa said...

thanks suma! glad you liked it. It is an honor coming from you. I just love all the traditional dosa & uthapam that you prepare, so drool worthy. Wish I stayed near you to taste all that ;-)
thanks, really appreciate your kind words!!

haanji musical, thuadde lai sadde dil te ghaar de darwaje hamesha khule ne dearie;-)
yup, it sure is a quick one and It is so much fun to get that lace texture. also the quick sambar goes well with it, I even like to eat sambar & rice the next day :)
hope u r having a good week.
take care & keep smiling

DEEPA said...

yummy dosa ..richa ..this is the first time i am visiting your blog.Too good man .Lovely pics....

Mythreyee said...

Thats a wonderful plate of my favorite foods. Looks really yummy. Good entry for RCI.

Kajal said... all time favorite dish, I special like Rava dosh.
Wouderful picture.
Thanks for sharing.:)

archana said...

Hi Richa,
Thanks for sharing this recipe.My hubby loves these crispy dosas.I am going to try them out soon:)
I had the Joshi wade.They were too good :)

Sia said...

aha!!! here comes another rava recipe:) love this dosa but till now have been using instant dosa mix. (oh yeah i am lazy;) perfect looking dosas richa. lacy and crispy. u have done it again girl:)

Coffee said...

Dont you get me started on sri sundars and ramashray!!!!! I can have dosa's there 365 day a yr!!!!!

I have never made rava dosa at home....... now I know whats gonna be my weekend brunch. :)

Richa said...

thanks deepa, welcome to my blog.
glad you enjoyed it.

hi mythreyee, glad to know it is ur fav too ;-)

hi kajal, tane rawa dosa gameya? weekend ma banavine jo.
te to party ma dhamal kari, amney invitation bhi no aviyu!
enjoy dear!
enjoy and have a great wknd.

Richa said...

hey archana, what's up? sutti var joshi wade khaun khoop dhamaal keli vattatey'!
yeah these are my fav too.
enjoy dear & have fun.

hi sia, glad you too enjoy these!
and yes I won't mind taking any rava dishes anytime of the day. heh!heh!

hey coffee, ram ashray aney sundar ma khavine bau maja ave!!! amey wknd ma kalak war line ma wait karta hata table matey ;-)
it is such a small world, it is GREAT to know someone repeat familiar names. maybe sometime we have shared the same table at ram shray with a plate of dosa & rava kesari;-) heh!heh! don't tell me tu matunga ni che!!!!!
enjoy sweetie...

Kribha said...

Oh Richa,
I love rawa dosas. My mom would get tired of serving this dish to my sister and me. You reminded me of my special days. Loved your picture.Thanks for sharing.

Sharmi said...

oooohh!! thats Awesome! nice entry too.

Prema Sundar said...

Good picture Richa. I make this once a week.. Love to have it with sambar.

sunita said...

Hey, that's a really great entry...I love rava dosas...btw, also loved your dahi-bhalles...absolutely mouth watering.

Richa said...

thanks kribha, sharmi, prema & sunita. I'm glad you guys liked the pics and my entry to the event.
It sure is a fav at my home.

TNL said...

Richa...kem che????
badhi vastu ekdam mast lagey che, chal toh hun avu chu dinner matey, tu garam dosa utaar..... :)


Chinni said...

Your Ravva Dosa looks yummy.....

Anonymous said...

The rava dosa looks crisp and yum! QUickly scanned your other recipes - very nice! Will be back to read the rest! :)

Richa said...

hi trupti, hu maja ma chu, thanks! tu kem che? atho khatam thai gayo, pan tari matey fari thi banavis ;-) glad you liked the dosa plate.

welcome to my blog chinni.
thanks for ur comments.

welcome to my blog vani. Yeah sure, please do come back for more.

Vidwata said...


Stumbled to your blog, and having a great time browsing recipes. I am awfully sorry but can you tell me what exactly is rava? Rice flour?


Richa said...

hi vid, welcome to my blog. glad to know you are enjoying my blog.
Rawa is semolina / cream of wheat / sooji
It is commonly used to make savory upma and sweet halwa/sheera.
Let me know if you need any other info, glad to be of help.

Anonymous said...

richa, that is one pretty looking yummy dosa. thanks dear. rava masala dosa is my fav. too.

burekaboy — said...

hey richa :D thanks for letting me know about this version ... will certainly try it out. have never tried one using rava. lol, i think i made mine the same day u posted this too. weird coincidence.

Richa said...

welcome to my blog burekaboy! oh so we posted on the same day, LOL!
this is one as you can see is pretty instant, just gotta' make sure the batter is not thick to get that lace texture.

Easy Shop said...

Very good recipe.