Friday, March 2, 2007

Upma with Sambar & Chutney - Matunga Style

(clockwise - Sambhar, Khajur/Date peda, Coconut chutney, Upma)

Oooh how I love the Upma at RamAshray, Madras Cafe or Mani's in Matunga. It is simply the best there! Also the fact that they indulge you with lots of unlimited sambar & chutney adds to the charm. Out here I've seen the restaurants charging extra for additional chutney or sambar, that is pathetic, methinks! Also the taste is nowhere close to my Matunga upma, people who have tasted there will definitely second me. Just thinking about it makes me so nostalgic. If anyone has visited these places recently pleeeeease, pleeeease let me know about your experience. Everytime we visit India, by the time we reach home and freshen up it is about 3am, then we wait till 5am b'coz that's the time these restaurants open and we make a mad dash to eat Upma, Sheera, Medu vada, Dosa etc. Yes we eat like we have never eaten before!!

Here is my recipe for Upma. Try it once and I promise you will be hooked. This is a basic recipe, you can add veg as per liking.

1cup sooji/upma rava/cream of wheat
4cups water
1tsp green chilli paste
1/2tsp ginger paste
1 onion sliced
1tbsp lemon juice
Dhaniya Patta
Tadka: 2tbsp oil/ghee (ghee gives best flavor), rai, jeera, hing, curry patta

Heat oil/ghee, add rai, jeera & hing. Add curry patta & onion, fry for couple of mins. Add rava and saute well till you get a good aroma. In the meanwhile boil water. Add chilli & ginger paste to the water. Once rava is done, add water and stir well. Cover & cook a min. Add salt per
taste. Add lemon juice and dhaniya patta. Serve with chutney & sambar. Enjoy. If you ever get to visit Matunga, try the upma at Madras Cafe, RamAshray or Mani's.


Trupti said...

Hi Richa,
Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment on my page...
I love Upma...try to make it as often as I can, I'll try your recipe the next time...sounds interesting using the chili-ginger pastes..and is the water supposed to be 4 cups to 1 cup of rava?

Welcome to the world of blogging..hoping to see many recipes from you.


Richa said...

Yes I always use the ratio of 1:4 rava:water can reduce it to 3.5 for water if you prefer, just make sure to use upma rava and not the very fine rava.
I'm so excited about starting this new blog, it's so much fun. BTW I always check out your blog, it's cool. Glad to get feedback from you.

Swapna said...

Hey Richa,
I used to stay in Matunga..and I was a student of Ruia college..You got me all nostalgic here by mentionaing Mani's in ur post:)..Hmm..the smell of idlis, sambhar, chutney..and the free refills..m just drooling now..Nice blog and welcome to the world of blogging..

Richa said...

Welcome to my blog, Swapna.
So nice to meet a fellow matungite'
let me go visit your blog right now


Anonymous said...

Hey Richa,
This is my first time visiting your blog. You have such a nice way of writing & presenting your recipes :-)
I lived in Andheri for a very long time but always made frequent trips to Matunga to sample the fare at Ram Nayak's (they used to have such a long queue on Sunday's but it was totally worth it. Have you been there?It is the one right next to the station. You got me all nostalgic with your post :-(

Richa said...

hey anon, thanks for dropping by.
Yes, I've absolutely savoured RamNayak delicacy !! Now that u reminded me, i can just get the taste of their jehangiri sitting right here, oh boy! was too good.
when was the last time u went there?
I've one more post coming up soon related to Matunga, keep tuned.

Richa said...

hi anon, i thot u were talking @ the small RamNayak store next to stn for snacks/sweets, then i realised that u were talking @ the place on the 1st floor where they serve full meal on banana leaf. That was sheer bliss! and yes hv eaten there numerous times. I always remember the board near the cashier which read - "Owner of the restaurant eats here"

Anonymous said...

Hi Richa,
Yes , I was talking about the place on the 1 st floor... the food there was so simple but immensely satisfying.I remember the sign near the cashier now .It has been a realllllllly long time since I visited that place...almost 4-5years back... when I lived in Mumbai.I have since moved to the U.S ..
Oh! those were good times & all I have now are the memories!!
Thanks again!

Sam said...

wow. Its a small world. Though I liked Madras Cafe, RamNayak and Sunders (near the bridge) all time fav was ... walk upto kings circle near garland stores.. and taste hot, steamy fresh idli from the road side anna store. He makes delicious soft idli with thick chutney and sambar. Then walk back to kings circle eat softy icecream and head back to VJTI. *sighs* those days were sure good.

Richa said...

hi sam, on my last visit i frequented the 'naturals' icecream store though did pass by 7-11 numerous times. as for the roadside idli place don't think i've eaten that, but i had to hv my share of chana chat from the rediwala near the PO.
Hope my next trip is soon, all these discussions makes one nostalgic.

thanks for ur comments.

musical said...

Hugs for this Richa,

I am a die-hard upma fan! Its my staple b'fast every weekend! My recipe is a take on the famous Bangalore style Kara-baath, and is quite like this recipe except that Kara-baath usually has a lil' turmeric too.

And yes, cilantro is MUST, so are green chillies. and i too use 1:4 rava:water-i love the soft consistency.

Richa said...

maennu sooji badi pasand ne.
just love sooji in sweet & savoury form! Do you make "sooji" (porridge) for breakfast?

take care

Premila said...

Hi Richa

Ur recipe sounds very interesting. Actually whenever i make upma, my hubby dear would not like the way i make it with vegetables. So hope this one when i try and serve him will surely bring him memories of the matunga Upma. We have eaten all the dishes prepared by Mani's with the unlimited sambar and chutney and we have relished it to the end.

Richa said...

hi premila,
thanks for dropping by.
great to know that you too enjoy the yummy stuff at mani's.

take care

nina said...

HI richa,
You have brought back wonderful memories of my childhood . We used to go to the temple then our parents would take us after that to madras cafe or ram nayaks. There was also a restaurant i forget the name which had the most wonderful soft idllis ... it had a coffee stall which used to smell heavenly with freshly roasted beans . Man i can go on but thank you u have a wonderful blog and it is nice of u to share your experiences .

Richa said...

thanks for your generous words about my blog, nina. a warm welcome here!
Yes the aroma of fresh coffee and all the idli dosa fare wafting thru the streets is just amazing. I'm glad I cud bring back some of those wonderful memories. do visit again.

Anonymous said...


can you post the recipe of cocnut chutney. it looks really yumm....

Raaga said...

So you're a Matungite... which part? Me's kind of from down the road from Ruia :-)

Tarvina said...

hey i have been to ramAhray ,madras cafe n mani so many times...i simply love the upma there...onion rava masala is the best....even bissi bele baath is too good...

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!