Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Apple Cake anyone??

Thank You, gals for your wonderful guesses! You all were pretty close, well, almost!
What you see is what you get, at least in this case, it is an Apple Cake.

OK first things first.
One more joins the bandwagon. Of ? Of whole wheat flour cake makers, a little late albeit! What?? You heard it. Has she lost her mind? I don't think so, others may differ. It's true, I'm just trying to be a part of the ever growing clan of whole wheat flour bakers called, "Bakers with a cause: Nutrition".

A little background might help here. I was never much of a baker, but once I happened to peek at the mile long list of ingredients on the cake wrapper and almost fell off my chair. Glycerin?? sodium aluminium phosphate??? what is that doing in my cake?? But it is true, and hence began my experiments in baking. (Non-believers, I've saved the wrapper and will mail it to you if you don't believe what all goes in there).

The amount of butter used in most recipes is quite daunting and many a times I just gazed at the recipes, leaving the actual baking to my friends and family. The first time I ever saw the use of oil in baking cakes was when I happened to chance upon the date cake made by Shilpa. It turned out great and I tried to incorporate the basic guidelines into a couple of cakes I baked, with good results, If I may say so myself.

This apple cake was conceived out of the necessity of using up apples for something more than adorning my dining table, yes it's the same story in my house.
I used a banana to get the moistness which is hard to come by in an egg less cake. I don't claim that it is the best egg less cake, but nonetheless it is quite good, given the nutrition it packs.

3/4 cup all purpose flour
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup chopped apple
1 medium banana mashed
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
pinch of salt
1/2 cup brown sugar OR regular sugar OR a equal mix of both (can alter as per taste)
1/4 cup + 2tbsp milk
1/4 cup yogurt
1/4 cup butter/oil/margarine OR a mix (I added oil & butter)

Mix the flour, cardamom powder & pinch of salt. Add sugar, apple and mashed banana. Finally add the whisked yogurt, milk and oil/butter. Mix for about 5minutes to incorporate air. Pre-heat oven to 350 C. (The term pre-heat always cracks me up, will tell you why, after the recipe) Add baking powder & soda and bake till a toothpick inserted in the cake comes out clean, about 45-50 minutes. Cool and then serve by itself or you may frost it as per your liking. I like mine plain, don't fancy all the sugary mix on top.

(If any baker belonging to this clan tries more than 1/4 C whole wheat flour, please do let me know your experience, if you live to tell the tale that is!)

The cake is not all that dense, is pretty moist and tastes good, not bad for avoiding all that butter & bleached flour, what say? I added the cardamom powder taking the tip from apple rabdi that I make, and has worked wonders in combining apples & elaichi powder.

About the term 'Pre-heat'. I always remember the words of one of my favorite stand up comedians, George Carlin. In one of his stand up routines, he says about this, you either heat something or you don't, how can you 'pre-heat' anything? Think about it. Exactly what do you do in that process of 'pre-heating' ? He also talks about the 'pre-boarding' for passengers with children or passengers travelling first class, on the plane (remember the announcement?). He says you either board the plane or not, what is this obsession with 'pre'. Aah! he is too funny, always cracks me up.
Here is my contribution for Jyothna's Safety Moment.
I saw this on TV and it has really helped a lot.
When using any bakeproof pots and pans with handles in the oven, just sprinkle some flour on the handle. This way when you are about to take it out, the flour will remind you to be careful and not touch it with bare hands.
You can also implement this for any pots used on a regular stove where the handles get heated up fast. It is a very natural instinct to just pickup something without realising how dangerous it can be (experince talking here).


musical said...

Although the picture in the background is Apples, i would favorite bananas :)

Please say that its banana bread/cake and send some over :)

Swapna said...

Cake anyone??? ME:)
I think it is..ummm...pineapple..And you have used the apples just to fool people..Right na?

Sig said...

Richa, great looking cake.. I'm gonna say orange? :D
Wow, is that your backyard in the picture?

Nandita said...

Are those apples a decoy? I would say bananas

Sia's corner said...

how about khaddu? u asked me to take WILD guess;)

Asha said...


Looks like Banana cake and gorgeous on e at that girl:)

Premila said...

i think it is coconut and rava mix....

Richa said...

ok then banana it shall be, coming your way.
you were close yaar, it does have banana, but it is an apple cake, eggless.

kaha bheju??

Richa said...

swapna, you still thinking of pineapples?
it is apple time!


Richa said...

it's apple cake.
and yup it's my backyard, finally able to see something other than snow.


Richa said...

what you see is what you get!
no decoy here.
enjoy apple cake


Richa said...

will bake kaddu cake for you another time.
for now enjoy apple cake!!

Richa said...

thanks asha.
glad you liked the pic.
it's eggless apple cake


Richa said...

hey premila,

i guess you felt the rava texture is it? anyway it's apple cake today!!!
thanks for playing along

Priya Dilip said...

Hey Richa..
first time im coming across ur blog.. how strange that , with a beautiful blog name like yours, i missed it.. May be its come along the right time, that is if u believe right things happen at the right time... hehe.. What i love abt this cake is that, it is eggless... am going to give it a shot this weekend..
now let me go look into ur blog..

musical said...

He he, so it does have bananas :)

Yummy yummy!

Richa said...

hi priya, nice to see you here, welcome to my blog.
yup eggless cake worked out fine. actually i was taking two chances, first eggless and then whole wheat flour, but it worked out fine.


Sharmi said...

Oh I think I am lil late!! Anyways, I think you did not add eggs right? Thats a fruti recipe. Must be delicious!!


trupti said...

yeah, yahan pauncha do tumhari cake....dibba khali hojayega....lekin, mein phir bhejungi pineapple cake. Kya kehti ho?

Sheela said...

Hi Richa, thanks for the apple cake recipe - never paired apple with elaichi before - must try it... am not a big fan of eggs in my cakes and have substituted 1 banana + 1/2 tsp baking powder per egg that the recipes call for, but, they don't end up as fluffy and moist as I like them to be. I shall have to try your recipe soon.

Richa said...

a little late in the guessing game sharmi.

Richa said...

jaroor trupti, jaroor!
variety khane hum hamesha taiyar hai!!

apple cake saathey biji koi farmaish hoi to maney kejo! eeay mokli daees.

take care

Richa said...

sheela, welcome to my blog.
yeah it turned out pretty ok. elaichi is my fav spice and it worked well here.

thanks for stopping by.

Coffee said...

WAH!!!!! Apple cake!!!!!

Heard of pineapple cake, carrot cake banana cake........ and now apple cake!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!! the pic looks fab!!!

USHA said...

Hi Richa,

Thanks for visiting by.

Apple cake looks perfect and wonderful...Thanks for sharing...

I especially you south indian thali snap very nicely arranged in bowl and serve in limited quantity ...with lots of varieties....

Richa said...

thanks, coffee.


Richa said...

thanks for your kind words, Usha.

i too enjoy thalis, more so back home!


Pravs said...

Thanks for coming by my blog, and for the comments. I like your blog title.
The cake looks perfectly baked...and it's eggless !

Richa said...

hi pravs, welcome to my blog.
glad that u liked my blog title.


trupti said...

damn girl, u speak gujju too?
okay, some Hakka noodles and manchurian from Ming paan mokli deje.


Richa said...

trupti, ming aney schezewan garden mara fav chey. ming ma wknd ma baoo crowd hoey chey, to amey normally S garden ma jaiye

just for fun said...

Apple, banana and a eggless cake. wonderful :) So fluffy and looks great Rahin.

Richa said...

thanks jff.
do try it sometime.

Vcuisine said...

The cake looks yummy, Richa. Will try soon. Cake with a fruit is my all time favorite. Viji

Richa said...

thanks viji.
do give it a try

Meena said...

the apple cake came out very well,..

thank u for sharing ur recipe,.


Richa said...

thanks for the feedback meena! am glad to know u enjoyed the cake!
btw do u have a blog, link does not lead anywhere??