Monday, March 12, 2007

Pineapple Coconut Cup Cakes

There are some recipes that you just look at and you know that they will turn out good. Now this is one of those recipes. I saw this Pineapple Coconut cake from Asha at and could not wait to try it.

Here's how I did it.
I halved the recipe and substituted the eggs with yogurt. Also, I used canned crushed pineapple & omitted the nutmeg pwd and cinnamon pwd. The pineapple & coconut aroma wafting through the house was unbelievable. Thank You Asha.


Asha said...

You are welcome darling!:))

They do look fabulous.Increase the baking pd by 1 tsp ,may help to make it lighter to replace Eggs.Looks great though.Enjoy:)

Richa said...

I'll definitely do that next time, Asha.
It was such a breeze making them.
I think they will mk a good picnic snack.
Thanks again!

archana said...

I can imagine how your kitchen must have got sweet smell of pineapple.The recipe is definitely worth noting down :)I liked the evenly baked golden colour. My cakes are never so golden :)

Sia's corner said...

wow...that was fast:) i am planning to make asha's pinapple cupcakes too.
it must have smelled and tasted great right?

Richa said...

Hi Archana,
this one is pretty easy! pineapple tastes so good.
have a nice day!

Richa said...

i saw this one and wanted to bake it, luckily had all the ingredients at home.

Sharmi said...

hey with yogurt did it comeout well? is it home made yogurt? want to try out too.
nice and easy


Richa said...

Yes Sharmi, it came out very well with yogurt and it is home-made! The store bot yogurt is not preferred at my house. I've heard that apple sauce can be used as a substitute as well.

Swapna said...

I am adding these to my must-try list..Have done enugh of baking this month..So shall try these in next month.They look fantabulous:-)
Btw, I used to live in Matunga West till April last year:)

Hima said...

Hey richa, what is the quantity of yogurt that you used to replace eggs. Can you write that also please.