Friday, March 16, 2007


Nutritious Junk food?

Isn't that an oxymoron?

Nope! This one sure has a good blend of proteins, carbs, calcium and it still fits the junk food category. Not convinced? Try it for yourself!!

Misal basically translates to mixture, this dish is very forgiving and you can add or subtract the ingredients as per your liking. Can't go wrong with that!!

1cup mixed whole dals (moong, chole, rajma, double beans, matki etc) soaked overnite
can even use sprouts
1 onion chopped
Tadka - 2tbsp oil, 1/2 tsp jeera, hing, curry leaves

Green chutney :Blend coriander leaves, green chilli, ginger, salt & lemon juice
Garlic chutney : Blend garlic, red chilli pwd, lemon juice, salt with some water
Tamarind chutney: Boil dates, jaggery & tamarind pulp. Add salt, chilli pwd, jeera pwd & blend.
Chopped onion
Chopped coriander leaves
Whisked yogurt with sugar & salt
Sev or gathia

Heat oil, add jeera, hing & curry leaves. Add onion & saute till translucent. Add pressure cooked dal mix and cook a few minutes. Add salt, turmeric, garam masala and water, bring to boil & simmer a few minutes.

Serve in a plate, top with the three chutneys, whisked yogurt, chopped onions, corriander leaves and finally with gathia or any fried mixture. See picture to get an idea!

Do give it a try, I've not given exact measurements for chutneys etc 'coz that can be done as per taste! It can also be served with pav to get misal-pav.


Sig said...

Hi Richa, Thanks for dropping my blog and bringing me to yours. I love it, great pictures and recipes... That thali picture is making me drool, is that a restaurant in NJ?

Richa said...

hi sig, welcome to my blog. thanks for the compliments. yes the thali is from a restaurant in nj, any desi to comes to nj for the first time gets so excited looking at the vast variety of desi restaurants out here.

Mallugirl said...

wow! coming to ur blog is like going to a chaat palace.what a cool collection.

Richa said...

welcome to my blog, mallugirl.
thanks for the compliments, glad you liked it.
yes i'm very fond of chaat & try to mk diff variety whenever possible. do visit again.

archana said...

This is a nutituous as well as junk food type recipe. We make this a lot.Iam giving your link to this recipe to another blogger friend Lulu. I had mentioned about the misal to her. Now she can see the dish too.:)

Richa said...

hi Archana, you are right it is so nutritious and so tasty. just needs a little planning and then it is super fast. please feel free to give the link


Lakshmik said...

Hi Richa

I tasted at a friends house and fell in love with it instantly. My friend used moth beans and I downloaded a recipe for the same from Nupur's blog. Will post my version when I make it.

Richa said...

lakshmi, you can make this with as many no. of pulses as you want. just add whatever you have in ur pantry, that's the best part of this dish.

padmaja said...

Hey Richa
You have a nice blog. Its been long time I had Misal after leaving CA, I haven't had this. One of my friends makes this. Thanks for taking me down to memory lane.

Sia's corner said...

ah...chatpata chat:) beautiful...
sorry for not replying to ur comment in my blog. prob with laptop keyboard.
that album is called divine chants of ganesha. i have put those tracks again in my blog. its my fav album. enjoy:)

Richa said...

Padmaja, do give it a try, once you soak the pulses it's pretty quick. Also, you can use the chutneys for so many other kinds of chat bhel etc

Richa said...

Hi Sia, thanks for the info, really appreciate it. I'll search for it, it's just so good and soothing. thanks again.

trupti said...

oh lovely....! I am going to post Poona misal soon...kinda different from yours...

I love those colors richa..this is so perfect for weekends.


Richa said...

thanks trupti, look forward to ur poona misal recipe. I've tasted it, i guess it is served with some poha base.

Latha said...

Hi Richa,
This is my first time here! Your misal looks groovy.
I have to share this little story with you :-) During my college days.. we used to go to this Dhaba/Restaurant on Poona-Bangalore Highway - NH 4. I think it was called "Swaagat". And a whole gang of us used to go there to eat the cheapest item on the menu :-) We always seemed to want to spen dour money on movies rather than food :-) So it was Misal always! I think thye had different kids of Misal .. I always got the one with Poha. I remember the taste but unfortunately dont remember how that was made (did nto pay attention to the ingredients!).
I will try u're recipe at home sometime and let u know if I was able to recreate the magic :-)
You have a lovely blog!

Richa said...

hey latha, welcome to my blog. such a lovely memory of pune, i too studied in pune.
have tried almost all the restaurants out there, so much fun

musical said...

Khoop chhan ahe!

Love Misal.