Friday, March 23, 2007

Instant Pineapple Jam

Blogging does make you try out out so many new varieties of food, experiment with new fruits/vegetables and then makes you wonder, what can 'I' stand for....
Well I is for Instant Pineapple Jam!

I went through my cookbooks, and hidden behind all the other mega books was a small booklet (paak pustika) which came free with my pressure cooker. Somehow it was lying by itself all this time, but now it was time to shine!

I found a recipe I liked and tried it out immediately. The recipe book was in marathi and here is my translation for you all to enjoy. It was great reading marathi after such a long time. See, this event even helped me re-polish my marathi.

1 cup grated fresh pineapple ( I used canned crushed pineapple)
1/4 cup grated apple (I used 1 apple)
1tbsp lemon juice
1cup sugar (I used a little less than that)

Pressure cook pineapple, apple & lemon juice.
{cooker madhye ananas, safarchand ani limbu ras ghala}

After one whistle, reduce flame to low and cook 5minutes. Let it cool.
{Prakhar achewar purna pressure yeoo dya. Aach kami kara ani 5minitey shijva. Cooker tasach thand karat theva.}

Take contents in a sauce pan and add the sugar slowly. Let it melt completely and keep stirring. Just boil till it comes together and sets.
{Cooker madhle sahitya saucepan madhye ghya, haluhalu sakhar ghalat dhavla ani sampurna viraghalwa. Prakhar achewar set hoipareyant zhatpat ukalwa.}

Isn't that simple and quick!

(Please note that I have given the marathi version because I had so much fun writing it. Please excuse mistakes if any.)

This is my entry to Nupur's A-Z of series.
I was just informed( thanks, Sig) that today is the last day for AFAM-, would like to submit it there as well.


Nupur said...

I *loved* reading the Marathi transliteration :) Cute! I adore those little Marathi recipe mom and "maushi" always buy them for me. They are a precious resource. Thanks for participating, Richa :)

Richa said...

Hi Nupur, I'm so happy that you liked the marathi version! I've a strong interest in learning languages and thoroughly enjoyed marathi.


Sandeepa said...

Nice and simple. Does it stay long in the refrigerator ? Would love to try this, almost like my chutney but this ones better for the little one

Sig said...

Hey Richa, :) very clever with the instant for I, thought you did this for AFAM-Pineapple. It looks delicious and very natural.

Thanks for the aioli recipe, you should post it here :)

Sushma said...

Isnt it fun to read your own regional language....:-) liked the pineapple jam ...quick and delicous

Richa said...

hi sandeepa, glad you liked it.
i never kept it more than 10days in the fridge, not sure about longer than that.

Richa said...

you are welcome, sig.
isn't it late for the AFAM?

do try it.

Richa said...

hey sushama, having lived in maharashtra, i know marathi very well, a little out of touch now.

glad you liked it.

Sig said...

Richa, today is the last day for AFAM.

Richa said...

oh great! will send it then.
thanks sig.

Kajal said...

Hi Richa,
I am busy with my family so I am late to see your blog and comment you. But I am very impress when I see your blog. Each and every recipe is great and you manage your blog very well. I like it. I am not Marathi so I can not understand your marathi. I can understand few words. So I try it to read.I like your pineapple jam recipe very much. It is so easy.

Richa said...

Glad you liked my blog. I love cooking and updating my blog with new stuff. Let me know if you try any of these recipes.


bee said...

did you read my mind? i was looking for a pineapple jam recipe, and here it is. sounds totally yummy. i will make mine with maple syrup.

Swapna said...

It was so nice to read the recipe in Marathi..That's a nice recipe, which I can use...I have pineapple in the refrig..

Richa said...

bee, yeah it's very simple.
i made mine while watching a movie at home. do try & let me know how it turned out. maple syrup, hmmm.

Jyothsna said...

Its always a pleasure to have home made jam. Liked your version :)

Richa said...

I had lot of fun while writing this recipe as well. Back in the college days, I had lot of Maharashtrian friends and was very fluent in it.

let me know how it turns out.


Richa said...

Thanks Jyothsna. Nice and quick version for a home made jam. I made mine in the smallest pressure cooker I had.

musical said...

Richa! This post rocks :).

What with the Marathi translation-am hooked. i can't speak much Marathi, but understand it quite well.

Desi cooking and desi langguage gyan is always fun na :).

Punjabi vich recipe books pata nahin kadon aaungiyaan?

(Rushes to add this great blog to her blogroll).

Richa said...

musical dear,
thanks for da kind words! "blush"
changa, thuannu bhi nai nai languages da shauk haega! tusi kittho sikkhe marathi?
glad you enjoyed the post!

Asha said...

Love Pineapple jam and preserves.With this recipe I can make at home!Thanks buddy:)

Coffee said...

Khoop chaan ruchi!!!!! Nice jam. :)

Sharmi said...

hey that's so nice ya!! have to try it out. It is so quick and good.

musical said...

Hey Richa,

My "naanke" were in Poona, so that was the foundation and now my friend Golden Girl and her kiddo' are my teachers :).

Richa said...

hi asha, hope you had a good weekend, glad you liked it.

Richa said...

hi coffee,

tula jam avadla?
do try it.


Richa said...

hi sharmi, yup it's quick, do try it !


Richa said...


thuannu musical kaennia, badi hasi andiey!

we must hv crossed paths sometime in pune, for sure.
It sure is a small world!

Sharmi said...

no Honey the picture of God is from the temple calender at home hehehe..... just want to let you know. usually we are not allowed to take pics.
have you been to that temple?

Richa said...

yes I've been to that temple many times, sharmi.
Now after all the expansion and all it looks so grand. It's so beautiful and they have so many Murti's. So, that pic is from a calender, wow! I was wondering how you got it.

BTW, have you been to the Ganapati temple in NYC? it is beautiful.

Sia's corner said...

it indeed is simple and quick..loved reading marathi although i cpuldn't understand most of the words:)

Richa said...

glad you loved reading marathi.
recipe is pretty simple & quick.


Vcuisine said...

So quick? Very nice. I love home made jams. Tks for sharing. Viji

Richa said...

hello viji,
welcome to my blog.
it sure is quick and as you said home-made is always preferable.

shivapriya said...

Hey Richa
This is a wonderful recipe.

Richa said...

thanks shivpriya.
do give it a try

Aarthi said...

Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe.
I have never made such things in my kitchen, so it is going to widen my repertoire

Richa said...

thanks for dropping by aarthi.
do try it.