Monday, March 19, 2007

Palak Puri

What is it with rains and the craving to savour something fried?

Well, it rained tonight and I was drawn to the, you guessed it - 'Tel ki Kadai' .

Now, lemme' make it very clear that I do believe in moderation! Once in a while one can indulge in fried food, ghee based sweets and the like, it is still far better than all the highly processed stuff available out there.

Excuses! Excuses! Excuses!

So what was it going to be?

I made this lovely green Palak Puri .

I saw this spinach roti recipe from and decided to try it, thanks Lakshmi for this recipe!

I followed the recipe for the dough except for a minor change:
Being the garlicoholic(if there is such a word) that I am, I added 3 cloves grated garlic.

2 cups wheat flour (atta)
1 cup frozen palak
2 tbsp besan
1tsp ajwain
3 cloves garlic grated
2 tbsp cumin pwd

1 tsp chilli pwd
1/2 tsp
turmeric pwd
1/2 cup curds
salt to taste
Oil to deep fry

Thaw the palak. Mix all except the oil and knead to a stiff dough, can add water as required. Roll into small puri and deep fry.

Enjoy these delicious puris either with pickle or as a part of a meal. Makes a great snack to go with a hot cuppa' tea as well.

This is my entry for MBP March 2007


archana said...

Brilliant idea , I don't mind indulging in fried food some time. I will try them :)

Lakshmik said...

Garlicoholic - that's the right word for garlic lovers. Maybe I am one too. I love garlic in any food. That was a nice idea to add garlic to the dough. I should try it out sometime. And yes having puri once a while is completely fine :) Good post Richa. Glad you liked the recipe.

Richa said...

thanks archana, do let me know when you try it.

Richa said...

thanks for the complimets, lakshmi.
yes i can hv garlic in ANYTHING!
if ever you hear of a dessert made out of garlic, you will know who invented it, ha!ha! :-)
and thx again for the recipe

Asha said...

YUMMY!! I would love to make these on a weekend.Really delicious.Thanks for the poori idea and garlic too:))

Richa said...

thanks Asha. Do try it sometime, fried garlic is oh-so-yummy.

Sharmi said...

hey very pretty looking yarr!
wish I could taste it.

Sia's corner said...

i have had palak paratas but never poories... cool tip richa:)

Richa said...

hey sharmi, you are most welcome to my place and i'll amke them for you. take care

Richa said...

do try it sia, it's delicious.

Anjali said...

Richa you have a nice blog. These puris look lovely with the palak specs than the ground paste puris.

Richa said...

thanks anjali, welcome to my blog.
Yup puris turned out pretty & yummy.


Nivi said...

Ohhh mum used to make these so often when i was a kid...I would carry this in my lunch box atleast once a week...waahh....i want some palak puris and dahi now :((...sheesh am all nostalgic :)

Ayesha Seerin said...

mmm .. palak , ajwai .. lovely combo ... Keep rocking