Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Sublime Trio - Double Beans, Gujarati Kadhi & Rice

Some dishes though delicious on their own, seem to acquire an even better taste when combined with certain other dishes. One such sublime combination is double beans curry with gujarati kadhi and rice. The melt in your mouth texture of these double beans when cooked in a sweet and spicy gravy is a treat to savor! The gujarati kadhi, with it's sweetish tinge adds another layer of taste when combined with the double beans and rice. Mix the three together and enjoy this combination, you can't go wrong. I learnt this recipe from a dear friend of mine who is an awesome cook and now it has become a regular at my home.
Double Beans Curry:
1 cup double beans/ big Lima beans soaked for 4 hours
1 onion finely chopped
2 tomatoes finely chopped
1tsp tomato paste (optional)
3 cloves garlic grated
1 green chili finely chopped
2 tbsp oil
rai, jeera, curry leaves, hing, 1 red chili, a cinnamon piece, 6 black peppers
1/2 tsp haldi, 1 tsp red chili powder, 1 tsp garam masala pwd, 1 tsp jeera powder
1tbsp jaggery
coriander leaves
Boil soaked beans till done. I have found that pressure cooking these beans sometimes leads to overcooking. My recommendation is to boil them in an open sauce pan with some salt till done.
Heat oil, add rai, jeera, curry leaves, hing, red chili, a cinnamon piece, black peppers. Add garlic & saute a few seconds. Add onions & saute till brownish. Add haldi, red chili powder, garam masala pwd, jeera powder, tomatoes & tomato paste if using. Saute till oil separates. Add boiled beans, jaggery, salt and a cup of water. Jaggery adds that special touch to this delicacy. Bring to a boil & simmer for 5 minutes. Adjust consistency as per taste.
Garnish with coriander leaves.
Tip: Raise your hand if you too are guilty of throwing away left over can of tomato paste after just one use. I was guilty too until I started using this tip......Once you open a can of tomato paste, spoon chunks of the paste on a plate and freeze. When a recipe asks for tomato paste, just add the chunks as required.
Gujarati Kadhi:
1 cup sour curds
1.5 tbsp besan
1 tbsp ghee, rai, jeera, 1 tsp methi seeds, cinnamon, 6 black peppers, curry leaves, hing
pinch of red chili powder
1 tbsp jaggery
1 green chili, coriander leaves
Mix curds & besan with 1.5 cups water.
(Tip: Pass the above mix thru a sieve to get rid of any besan lumps.)
Heat ghee, add rai, jeera, methi, cinnamon, black peppers, curry leaves, red chili powder & hing. Add besan mix and slit green chili. Bring to a boil, add salt, jaggery & simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve double beans curry and gujarati kadhi with rice. Enjoy the sublime trio.
This my contribution to Sushma's Tipology of the month.


Kribha said...

Hi Richa,
my mom makes a dry curry out of Double beans ,but your version is different.The combination looks perfect. I raise my hands....I have thrown tomato paste many many times after using it a little bit. Your tip is very useful. will follow it in future.

trupti said...

Wow...that was a closeup of Lima beans...pehla joyu toh nana bateka jeva lagya...haha.

Nice recipe che! I do like Lima beans..never made it with Onions though. Kadhi no Photo dekhato nathi...

hope you had a good weekend!

musical said...

Richa, kya moti moti beans hain yaar! bachhe dar jayenege ;)

just kidding-great picture and delicious recipe. lagta hain banani padegi jaldi se :)

Kadhi mane bau bhave.....any kadhi, every kadhi :)

Hope the delicious daal kept your cozy through the not so great weather this weekend.


archana said...

Hey Richa,
I liked your tip about the tomato puree.I tend to throw the left over because the expiry date is short once opened.
Nice trio, kadhi rice and beans.
The beans are a favorite in my family :)

Sushma said...

A lovely healthy recipe Richa..and thanxs so much for participating..


Coffee said...

I can only see one pic!!!!! Lima beans look like giant beans!!! :)
I agree with you.... its a lovely trio :)

Asha said...

YUMMO!!!!! What a great combo.Beans looks fabulous Richa.:)

Sia's Corner said...

richa, i am not able to view the pics. the recipes sound very delicious, i wonder how they look. will come bk later n check again:)

Latha said...

Yummy looking curry Richa. We make a similar curry but slightly drier, called Pavta batata (Pavta - Lima beans). I cant see the 2nd and 3rd pictures for some reason!

Richa said...

thanks kribha, do try it. do post ur mom's version sometime.

hi trupti, maney double beaans bau bhave, try this combo. we had some bad weather over the wknd, but we did enjoy a movie, thanks for asking.

haanji musical, e beans bacche hi nai vadde vaddeanu daradugi, it is DOUBLE after all ;-)
but yes, it was comfort food during this bad weather. glad u liked hte recipe.

Richa said...

hey archana, do you make the trio as well? tasty hna. yeah i use that tip so much.

it's my pleasure, sushma.
it sure is healthy & buttery bean.

hey coffee, you too love this trio, same pinch! I can see pix in IE as well as firefox, do comeback again to retry.

hey asha, glad u liked it, do try.

hey sia, definitely come back to chk out the pix, you will love it.
some are able to view it, others seem to have a prob.

thanks latha.
do post ur pavta recipe.
and as i mentioned earlier, u might hv to come back to see the pix.

trupti said...

hope weather's better over there, what movie did you watch? I saw a crap one "Rakht" that was coming on Sony...but I missed the damn ending.

take care..


Richa said...

rakht?? i guess u did not miss much then ;-) saw hera pheri for the nth time, LOL everytime.
yeah the weather is bad, too much rain & winds. they hv declared a state of emergency here, lots of flooding.

Prema Sundar said...

Hi Richa,
Know what !!! I too made morkuzhabu, soewhat similar to kadhi. they taste lovely aren't they? And the double beans... they look great.. I prepare a bit drier than this.. thanks

musical said...

Hey Richa,

These new pictures look even more appetising :). So you are also the one glued to Hera Pheri-its great isn't it!

and i hope that the weather your side is much better now.....this daal surely is a comfort food during the overcast, rainy weather.

Sharmi said...

hey I love double beans and I have a different version of preparation. will post it soon. the plate looks yummy. the kadi looks divine.

Sig said...

Yummm Richa, those look great... those are some fat beans :)
I know exactly what you mean by how some dishes enhance the flavor of others, match made in heaven...

BTW, I'm guilty of throwing the half used cans away, tomato paste, coconut milk etc... Great tip there... , do you have one for coconut milk? :)

Kajal said...

Hi Richa,
Good photo of both recipes.
I love Kadhi with rice.
My best friend mother make very nice dish of double beans. I remember that when I see your post. But now my friend’s mother is in US so I miss it.
Love your dish and try your double beans recipe.:)
Take Care.:)

Richa said...

hey prema, yeah when i saw that recipe i thot it sounded like the kadhi. so you too make this double beans, do post ur version as well. do try this combo.

haanji musical, hera pheri vaastey assi hamesha taiyar baithe aa, too funny. thuaddi fav comedy kedi haegi? Lots of rain & winds today.

Richa said...

hey sharmi, do try this trio combo, you will enjoy it a lot. you can make it spicier if you want, depends on your taste. And yes, kadhi is such well liked recipe.

hey sig, those beans sure are big, called DOUBLE beans remember? ha!ha!
I've benefited a lot from that tip, it is so convinient to just pop the chunk into the gravy, no thawing reqd, it just melts. No idea about coconut though, I hardly use it.

Richa said...

hi kajal,

how are you? I'm so happy to know that my recipe reminded you of this dish that you had tasted long back. Do try this combination one of these days, I'm sure you will enjoy it.
take care

Sia's Corner said...

now i can see those big fat beans:) lovely pic as the recipe suggests:)

good thing u dodn't watch the ending...sanjay dutt was the killer;) he he was total crap movie...jr. bacchan come bk into bipasha's life again and they live happily ever after. oh btw, sunil shetty or that lawer(forgot who;) kills mr.dutt in the end too;)

sunita said...

Richa, the lima beans dish looks really good...

Latha said...

came back to see the pictures Richa! Yummy looking trio slurrrrp...

Surya Hith said...

Richa,It is a nice and healthy recipe.I never tried this beans before.Thanks for giving me the nice recipe.

swapna said...

Hi richa
thats a nice one.I love these beans.

Reena said...

beautiful and healthy dish. moonh mein paani aa gaya. close up of lima beans looks so good. never tried this type of curry.

Richa said...

sia, glad you liked the pics and the recipe. do try this combo.

hi sunita, once you remember to soak these, it is pretty straight forward process. do try. thanks

latha dear, you are so sweet. u no what i myself am very pleased with the pictures ;-) felt i could do justice to these beauties. Please do try, you will enjoy it.

hi surya,
yes it is definitely healthy. when you do try it, don't forget the jaggery, it gives a nice sweetish tinge.

Richa said...

hi swapna,
so you too are a fan of these beans, that's great! do you make any other combo with these beans? do let me know.

hi Reena, mu mein pani agaya, to phir der kis baat ki? please go ahead have some! these buttery beans just melt in the mouth and because they are huge they pack a lot of taste in them.

Dr. Soumya Bhat said...

The double bean curry looks awesome richa.Really pretty color.Very simple recipe .thanks for posting..

Sreelu said...


First time here, thanks for your comments on my blog. Love your double beans recipe, must admit I have never tried them and I too join the list of folks who throw away half used cans of tomato paste great tip


Richa said...

hi soumya, glad you liked the pics. yes it is a very tasy combo.

welcome to my blog, sreelu.
if you have not tried it, now is the time to do it!
yeah that tomato paste tip will come in handy

Kribha said...

Hey Richa,
Could you clarify my doubt about adding jaggery in double beans gravy? If I add 1 tbsp of jaggery will it taste like hot and sweet gravy. I'm planning to do this tomorrow. Hope it turns good as yours.Thanks in advance.

Richa said...

hi kribha, glad to know that you will be tying out this curry. Yes you can add 1tbsp jaggery for that taste. Do u ususally like ur dishes on the hotter side? If so you can increase the quantity of chili powder.

Kribha said...

Thanks Richa for your reply.I do like my dishes spicy. will let you know how it came out.

anusharaji said...

both look yummy
i make kadhi a bit diff.

Dee said...

richa, I have to try this.. I love kadhis and beans is a sure favourite with me

evolvingtastes said...

Richa, I made the double beans, and they were just fabulous! Thanks for the recipe, and also for reminding me to try it out. I used rajwadi garam masala, which I tend to associate with gujrati recipes, but I could be wrong. Ate it with rotis, but next time, I plan to try the whole deal, with kadhi and rice. Accha, what do you call these beans in gujarati?

Richa said...

hey ET, good to know that you enjoyed the double beans! I'm sure you will enjoy the combination as well, do lemme' know if you do try! rajwadi garam masala is a good choice :)
I don't know if it is called by any other name in Gujarti, will ask around though.

Priya/Preeti said...

Richa..Great combo-double beans and kadi...I cant wait to try it. Thanks!