Monday, April 9, 2007

Whole Wheat Flour Halwa

There are 'halwas' and then there are 'halwas'!

Be it the basic semolina halwa or the more glamorous Moong Dal halwa, it always makes its presence felt as a part of festivities and weddings, intertwined with celebrations big or small. Gajar halwa, gheea halwa, potao halwa, pumpkin halwa, green pea halwa the variety is endless.

The halwa that I'm going to elaborate upon today is whole wheat flour halwa. It is made out of coarse whole wheat flour, no it is neither 'dalia/broken wheat' nor is it 'Bulgar'. It is simply coarse ground whole wheat flour and is available in most of the desi stores here. (It is coarser in texture than semolina and smaller than broken wheat). No refined or bleached ingredients in this one ;-) .

This halwa needs no flavoring or garnishes whatsoever, I stand corrected, it should not be flavored or garnished with anything at all! The taste of wheat flour and jaggery is to be experienced to a sublime level. The combination of wheat and jaggery, two basic kitchen items mingle to bring out the best in each other, per moi! You cannot get any basic than this or any rustic than this! I just can't for the life of me understand how the combination of just three basic ingredients taste so good. I'm in love, with this halwa, can you tell?

I got inspired by my blog buddies who churn out so many kinds of pedas & ladoos, so I decided to mould this halwa in the shape of a modak.

Here comes the simple and delicious halwa.

3/4 cup Coarse ground whole wheat flour
3/4 cup jaggery (I like it mildly sweet, hence I use only 1/2 cup jaggery)
2.5 cups water
2-3 tbsp ghee
(just four ingredients, water being one of them! I know I had a hard time convincing myself that it really was true)

Roast wheat flour in ghee till light brownish on a slow to medium flame. The unmistakable aroma of roasted wheat flour is hard to miss, it permeates the kitchen and then onto other rooms as well, indulge in it.
Simultaneously heat water and jaggery till all the jaggery melts and water starts to boil.
Lower the flame of roasted flour and carefully add the strained jaggery water into it and stir well. Increase the flame and stir till water gets incorporated into the flour. This is a very quick process. Cover and leave it for a minute, switch off the flame.

Halwa is now ready to be relished as is or you can shape it into a peda/modak and delve into it.
This halwa has all the goodness of whole wheat and jaggery. For all it's simplicity it sure is an amazing sweet.


musical said...

Atte da Kadah: kamal hi kamal :)

Hugs for this post, Richa.....brings back many fond memories.

Richa said...

atte te gud da combination is too good right? glad to know it's ur fav too.

Also, the use of coarse wheat makes it very easy to reduce the ghee to just 2-3 tbsp. mae lakey araiya, tusi puria talna shuru karo!

hugs to you too

Seema said...

Oh i seen thise halwa balls in shops here. How did you manage to get those adorable shapes? Loved it.

Sharmi said...

Richa, the halwa looks so beautiful. how did you make those lines in them and bring that shape? looks so simple and nice.


Sig said...

Wow Richa, beautiful shape! And what a simple recipe, I love it... I know everyone asked you, so I'm not going to ask again how you got the lovely shape :)

archana said...

Hi Richa,Iam back.This halwa reminds me of the prashad we get in Gurudwaras.Atta and gud combi is nice and healthy too. Liked your recipe :)

Vcuisine said...

Its a nice twist and looks divine. Viji

Coffee said...

AAHHH!!!!! My fav again!!!!! Now I am surely coming to hit you big timem!!!! Hahahaha ..... We also call it lapsi :)

I have made kheer of the same on my blog

Paddukoti said...

hey hey richa!! they look absolutely delicious!! cna i have some please??? love the shape!!!

Asha said...

How beayutiful Richa.I love the Ganesha murthys.
Love the Halwa,looks very artistic:)

Aahaar Vihaar said...

Hi Richa,
The shape of your halwas are great. I haven't tried making halwa at home since i am afraid it might stick to the pan. But yours look so yummy. will have to try your recipe. Thanks.

Richa said...

thanks seema.
i guess you must have seen the khoa pedha shaped as modak, they are pretty good.

Richa said...

thanks sharmi, good u liked it. do try it.

thanks sig. yes it is simple and not too time consuming.
i used the modak mold that i have, will post the photo soon

Richa said...

hey archana, yes it is made as parshad. do try it.

thanks viji, do try it

Richa said...

hi coffee, it is my fav too, i thot lapsi was was little more coarser than this, but yes it is on similar lines.

welcome to my blog padukotti, please go ahead and have them!
savor the taste.

Richa said...

hi asha, glad you liked the shape.
I have many Ganpati murthys.

thanks AV, do try it.
It is coarser than regular atta, so it will not stick, try it.

Sia's Corner said...

wow...thats a cute looking halwa richa. we too make wheat halwa but its got very glossy, golden colour to it.
by the way, i adore those ganesha statues u have there. i am very fond of lord ganesha and have small collection(not like my dad who has huuuuge collection:)

trupti said...

I LOVE this simple sheera...gawd, I ate SO much of this when I was a kid...I had sheera coming outta my ears, i bet. etlej to nani hati tyare gol-matol hati, Sheero-puri khai khai ney.

trupti said...

Tari Ganesh bhagwan ni Murti bau saras che...I'm a Ganesh Bhakt!!

Sandeepa said...

This is like something My Ma used to make on the evning of her Friday Puja days.
Mostle she used "singare ki atta". You know that fruit called "singara" in hindi , right ? I don't know any other name for it

Kribha said...

Hey Richa,
your halwa is mouth watering.The presentation with the Ganeshji idols looks good. Can't believe that it has only 3 ingredients.I have a friend who is a wheat halwa fan. I have passed on the link to her. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Swapna said...

Mouth-watering recipe and snaps..The Ganesh idols r very beautiful..Back home, I have a whole army of Ganesh idols:)

Sharmi said...

No Honey, there are lot of Udupi cafes so did not know which one. do they have a website? thanks a lot for asking.


Suma Gandlur said...

Your Ganesha Idols are so beautiful.
Love the shape of those halwa balls as well.
I once tried this with wheat flour. I buy two kinds of cracked wheat at the Indian grocery shop.One is a little bit coarser than semolina. Did you use that or does this wheat flour have any special name?

Richa said...

thanks sia, glad you liked the halwa. I have many murthys of Lord Ganesha. I

hey trupti,
mane pan aa halwa bau bhave che. jyaar thi sikhi chu bau banavuchu. so tu gol-matol hati, he!he! same here!
Nanpan thi mane Ganesh Bhagwan nu bauch che. so nice to know about your devotion as well.
take care

Richa said...

hi sandeepa, glad you liked halwa. yes i do know singara atta, i think it is used on fasting days, right?

hi kribha, yes it is simple and so tasty. do try it. Thanks for your generous words.

hi swapna,
yes it is quick & tasty. do try

Richa said...

hey sharmi, i've not seen their website, dont think they have any as far as i know. wow did not know there were so many U cafes around.

hey suma,
glad you liked it. you are absolutely right about it being little coarser than semolina, do try it. Next time i get it will also see if it states any special name. enjoy the halwa.

Prema Sundar said...

Simple to make and a very nice recipe Richa. Normally we use rice flour with jaggery for modak.haven't tried atta and jaggery....

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Hey, halwa looks yummy!!!! Will definitely make time and try it out soon!

Richa said...

thanks ramya.
yes it is a fav at my home, it is simple & healthy sweet. Jaggery compliments the wheat flour so well.

Madhu said...

hi Richa,
Came here after saw ur comment at my blog looking for wheat halwa. Your recipe is very simple and looks gorgeous. thnaks a lot for the recipe. Will let you know how it turned out.

Parul said...

Hi Richa ,
I live in CA and not sure if we get coarse atta in local Indian stores here .Can I make this halwa using regular whole wheat atta ?
If yes - how much ghee will I need ?

Not sure if 2-3 tbps will suffice if I use regular wheat atta .

Would appreciate if you could let me know

Thank you for the lovely recipe.


Richa said...

Parul, I would increase the ghee by 2tbsp if using regular wheat flour, that should do it. If you feel the atta still sticks to the pan add a tbsp of ghee, diff brands hv diff coarseness. But, do chk for coarse atta as well, u might be lucky to get it :)
lemme' know how it goes!